Thursday 18 October 2012

behind the scenes

this past few days has been a mix of weird and wonderful and as the pieces start to go from a slow trot to a sweaty cantor and we are nearly at the finish line.
we will be showing 4th out on Saturday night and are group F - the rubenesque ladies (although some of these girls don't have an ounce of rubenesque on them)
so, in a very particular order, this is what's been happening.
i got to save my first turtle

my sister's filmed interview was shown on monday - she was listed on the screen as jan evans, and again in the credits.  that was an easy day in the office for me but my sister christine is a natural on the telly, eloquent, engaging and easy on the eye and did huudaverti proud
our children's clothes were sent for judging at fiji fashion week and it went very well, if i say so myself
our shoes arrived and we had no idea they would be as high as they were and the fabulous in house model managed to give them a test
the kids took advantage of the massive down pour to take a rain bath in the temporary pool
got to see the models being done for the la quan show 
 got to see some more bad short action at the compulsory nit check
 said hello to the models who have been used for hair tryouts
 came up close and personal with a glamazon who came for a fitting
 arrived at reharsals
 got introduced to more bad shorts
 and then we waited for out turn to be called, which came not long before midnight

we are so tired, but still are finding the energy to get us to saturday where all will be revealed.

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