Monday 15 October 2012

the final countdown

we are now in the final countdown to our show and you know how people say that all is calm - just like a duck, calm above the water while the feet are flapping below, well my feet are flapping below and feathers are flying above as we are still a way from being ready.

the children's line gets handed in today and the people who are making our clothing labels still haven't figured out the task of printing onto a piece of ribbon and ensuring it is cut straight.  this has probably been one of the most challenging parts of the process.  NOTE TO SELF - never use these incompetent buffoons again....

the final saturday rehearsal took place and the arrival of la quan smith from NYC just put everybody into an overachieving mood, especially the models as he got to pick the ones he will be using this weekend.
when we arrived at the museum there were already two tourist buses there and a while later, two more arrived which threw rehearsals into a tizz as the tourists didn't realise there was a makeshift runway in their midst.  between our rehearsals we went to grab a bite to eat and the normally relaxed suva was a hive of activity and energy and perhaps this is why. not one, but two seriously big cruise ships, docked in suva harbour.
i'll see you on the runway darlings!

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