Sunday 4 November 2012

the show must go on

quick, wake up, we are finished daydreaming and back at leleuvia....
straight after a beach arrival, the kids were into it, jumping of this perfectly placed palm tree.   i however, was not that energetic, so ordered a pina colada and set about relaxing

dave, mum and i took a quick walk around the island and awaited the arrival of alex, who had his work trip cancelled which meant he could now join us.

and then, the almost perfect day went wrong.
jenny had gone to have a little rest and was making her way back to the main bure and in the distractions of paradise, we didn't notice her fall over. she tried to get up the steps to where we were but the bottom step was quite high and as she tried to step us, she realised it wasn't going to work, grabbed the coconut tree and then fell back onto the sand with her arm caught underneath her.
there was no cry for help, no scream not even a thud.  we had no idea.
she was however a bit dazed when she finally alerted us to what happened, so we thought some medical intervention was in order.  not the same intervention that i had when i ripped my toe nail off (ie contreau on ice), but a real person who knew what they were doing. and along came jonny.

poor mumma, really though she had broken her wrist so decided it would be best to head back to suva hospital to get checked out.
in no time the kids were doing a reenactment of what happened to nanna before she headed off.

and as they say, the show must go on and what else were we to do but try and enjoy the rest of the day.  i set about ordering a fresh coconut with rum - on my sister's advice and was told there was no coconuts.  so, i opted for a pina colada - but obviously i must have used the last of the coconut milk on the last one as they were all out, so had to settle for saving a turtle instead.

this is the gorgeous bure we got to sleep in - right on the beachfront 
and after another beautiful day at leleuvia, it was time to head home to find that fortunately jenny hadn't broken anything, but was going to be sore for a while

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