Wednesday 26 September 2012

let the packing begin

after a whirlwind final shopping frenzy this arvo, it is time pack.

1 big plastic bag of fabrics (in case of any airline leakages)  - check
1 big plastic bag of runway clothes (in case of any airline leakages) - check
1 bag of stuff - sewing feet, bias binding, zippers - check
20 cartons of soy milk - check
accessories for fashion show - check
sequins and beads - check
sweatbands - which i was told were for tennis, but are probably for the home sweat shop - check
swimmers for post fashion show relax - check
anything else? check, check check!
1 glass of wine to assist with this gruelling task - check
1 pair of pj's for nephew one - check
 1 pair of pjs (complete with cape) and i mean a real cape on the back for nephew 2 - check
 1 tropical truckers hat for moi - check

so it's about 23 days till the runway show and i am proud to raise my hand and say i am FREAKIN OUT!
this is quite an amazing thing to be doing, given that we don't have all our clothes ready yet and oh well, in true evans style, we will just wing it if need be.

we haven't given to much away about our label name, but i can tell you that my sister came up with it and it was one of those "why didn't i think of that" moments, but i am soooo glad that she did, cause it's a name that is meaningful to both of us from when we were kids.

and if packing isn't enough i am making time to make something yummy for my husband to keep his tummy happy while i am away - dahl for my darl!

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