Saturday 22 September 2012

fiji me

right, 5 more days till i head to fiji and to be honest, i am still not much closer to completion of anything this week, cause you guessed it, there was unpicking to be had.

on thursday evening, i did manage to have a fatality free sewing session, where both the outfit and myself came out unscathed.

i solemnly swear that I will be sewing no more of that gold 'i am going to make you crazy but i'll look sensational' bias tape.  enough is enough.

as i contemplate what it is i am going to take to fiji, i come to the realisation that what i decide to wear, a sarong and some inner wear will be about all i can fit as luggage will be bulging with all things fashion week. kilos of fabric, sequins, crystals, quick unpick, patterns, stuff for models, and all the other stuff that isn't fashion week, such as 20 packs of soy milk, some paneer (indian cheese) and who knows what else.  why, you may ask.....why not!

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