Sunday 16 September 2012


the road to fashion week is not an easy one.
i have spent the past few weeks, sewing things, then unpicking things, then resewing things, only to unpick them again. it is making me crazy.
this weekend has been particularly eventful.
1. i booked my ticket to fiji
2. we decided to add a few more pieces to our collection.  no stress with that
3. i had a lot of unpicking to do. oh wow, i just love that.
4. what the hell and i going to wear when i am there...FARK - i need to make something else fabulous

so after a very frustrating weekend, i decided i would do something quick, just for me.  an easy little gold frock that had been cut out and just begging to be sewed up.  DAMN YOU gold frock, even you needed unpicking.
but after all the unpicking and resewing and guess what - unpicking, i am happy with this little number that will adorn me very soon.
NOTE to self - adjust beck and call girl's hips, to match the junk in my trunk, cause that assistant looks like she needs a good feed.
33 and counting.

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