Thursday 6 September 2012


meet dorothy
this is dorothy and she's affectionately known as the crack whore and we got to look after this little crack whore last weekend, and when i picked her up to bring her home she just thought she was the passenger seat princess, isn't she cute

she knows all the tricks, as shown in samples above, pretending to come to you when she has no intention.
this little crack whore, just loved sitting on my lap and snoozing after dinner, but she couldn't jump up on my lap, could she?
somehow, she managed to worm her way up on the bed through the night, but she couldn't jump up by herself, could she??
and when i said to dave during the day "where's dorothy" he said, "she went that way"....
....well, what was that way, our bed, that's what and guess who managed to make her way up to the most comfy spot in the house.....the crack whore, that's who!
oh she sucked us in with those puppy dog eyes, that's for sure

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