Monday 27 August 2012

potato juice - the new super food

yesterday my mum and i got a chance to have a quick skype with my sister in fiji and booo, she wasn't feeling well and of course with my usual sympathetic form, i felt concerned for her welfare cause as the conversation went on, she became more horizontal on the skype couch. And then, jenny started to tell my sister about something that may cure her ails.  not her current ails, but other ails. I have a friend called Ails, but that's not the Ails the ails my sister......anyway, back on track to what ails my sister - well, that's her business, but apparently potato juice can assist with what ails many people who have stomach disorder - aka ulcers, indigestion, aches, or constipation (which isn't what ails my sister) but if she had constipation then clearly she'd be feeling much better by swigging potato juice.
so, as we discussed this i couldn't help myself and sent a little happiness to my sister, in the form of a finger.
well, this of course made her laugh and rightly so...
but she still had the ails and that made me raise another finger - the sad finger, which also doubled as the "oh dear, my brother in law's afl team didn't win this weekend' finger
but then as the potato starch discussion went on, i had to raise this finger, cause it was the exclamation finger of 'really potato juice is going to make you feel better?'
oh yeah, she was getting her giggle on and of course, i just could not stop, till i'd used up all the fingers on one hand
well not convinced, cause i think if you drink straight potato juice you might end up with this 'eeew i don't feel so well and should have just stuck with vodka cause i know those potatos are fine' face
and then you'd end up with this face which is the look on the doctors face when he has to give you something for a stomach ache after you had already drunk the potato juice thinking it would fix the stomach ache..... or ulcer, or worse still.....constipation

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