Saturday 23 June 2012

Dave and Jan's big bad dirty long weekend Part 5

Time for a little rest
Stop 7 - was back to the hotel, via the sofitel.
Now, i have no photos of this next event, but as we walked through, there were the socceroos waiting in the bar area for their training bus. Of course, we had to have a drink and spy on them and as we waited at the bar, some dude - this dude below in fact, came up to the bar and ordered 2 espressos.  I did happen to hold his ordering up, as i couldn't decide which chardy to buy, but i did tell him to train hard once i'd got my drink organised.
As we are sipping our drinks, i ask dave if he could see tim cahill and sure enough, he was talking to the coaches.  I hadn't been such a gawker, but he was all over it. It was more than i could do to stop myself from going and asking for a photo of him and dave.  Tim Cahill was Dave's dad's favourite player but i restrained from putting foot in mouth again, so i only have this potential photo in my mind.

Stop 8 - Yep, back at the hotel and time for a little rest before our next outing.
We did manage to eat quit a few of those gifted choccys and then i became obsessed by the infomercial for total gym. All it takes is 5 minutes and you will have abs of steel and bulging muscles everywhere and you can do it in the garage, the loungeroom, or even leave it folded up under the bed, doesn't matter, cause it only takes 5 minutes, even if you just look at it. This is the machine that you need to use to be able to open the two doors of the lift at the Incholm. 
Olivia Newton John has been using it for years as spruked below, so I don't think there's anything more to say about this winner except where do i sign up.  A new body in 5 minutes a day, that's a miracle machine.  I feel better for just watching the ad, and if it's good enuf for chuck and livvy, then it's good enuf for me.
Can you believe there's more.
To be continued....

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