Sunday 24 June 2012

Dave and Jan's big bad dirty long weekend, the finale.

Yep, it seems like a mini series....
Second last stop was dinner, at Wagaya with Ben and Simone.
it was here that sake was sunk and fun was had and i got another serve of the slimey tofu that looked like it was covered in booger...
And for the cheese lovers, who really love cheese then this is the dish for you

check out the hulk hands
As we wandered back to the hotel, it was pretty dark and dave has this amazing talent of observing details. He stops and calls me to come back and look at something. What, we walked past a couple of trees and i wasn't paying much attention and saw nothing out of the ordinary, lucky he was paying attention, cause we saw this.
 It was painted into a little space in the tree.  Who does that.
After all the excitement of this ONE day, it was back to the hotel, and off to bed for a much needed rest for our weary everything.
The next day gave us no adventure, cause it was a public holiday and pretty much everything was shut.
Home time then, to change out of our stinky clothes, that had carried us through the past 24 hours.
Exploring one's own city is certainly entertaining when done this way.
see you later big bad dirty long weekend.

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