Friday 22 June 2012

Dave and Jan's big bad dirty long weekend Part 4

Stop 5
Now after all this excitement, we were hungry
A quick by pass into chocolates to die for, for some real chocolates - none of this cadbury roses nonsense.  The lady in there was a bit cranky, so she's not getting any more air time.
Then off to lunch at Vapiano Restaurant where a quick pizza, and caprese was in order
i don't remember ordering him off the menu
Lunch over, then it was time for tacky window shopping and a trip to the karaoke bar to check out the pricing.  No singing this time, but watch out dolly parton, you are on my list.
Stop 6 - time for a massive faux pas
There was a rather large crowd gathering in the mall.  It was very ordered and organised and curiosity got the better of me and i asked a lady if she knew what it was all about.  She just smiled and giggled. So i say, oh, you don't speak english??? and she says yes i speak english, but i can't say what is happening.  Take foot out of mouth evans, and coax her a bit more for info. Dancing was all i got!
 Turns out there was a peaceful dance protest by taiwanese youth and i was in the front row.
Note to self: Don't plan on going to taiwan any time soon, cause my face was probably beamed across their tv and dave reckons i will be flagged at the airport
Guess what it's going to be continued.  stay tuned for Part 5, cause there's just tooooo much happening

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