Tuesday 19 June 2012

dave and jan's big bad dirty long weekend part 1

on the long weekend (thank you qeenie) we went for an overnighter cause dave had won a nights accommodation in brisbane city, of all places and it was about to expire.
cause it was only local, we pretty much only packed a toothbrush and a spare pair of smalls, so for the whole time, what we left the house in, was what we came home in the next day. So after 2 full days we were probably stinky, which is why it was a dirty weekend.
Start of long weekend.
a drink at the local, or the Roo, as it's known

was spent deciding on which ONE outfit, i was going to wear.
What if it was cold
What if it was hot
What if it rained
What if - there was too many of them and I just knew it was going to be a goldilocks moment.
Then it was off to the local yummy pizzeria 1760 at yeronga, with AA and Ed de Hue's going on the Mongol Rally to raise money for kids and here's the blog to prove it.  Bless him.  I guess it turned out to be a bit of a farewell for him and to hear stories of the craziness that he is about to embark on.  Safe travels friend.
Awesome pizza at this place and margherita ice cream was the dessert of choice for the tequila/contreau lovers that we are.
To be continued

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