Saturday 9 June 2012

Lovely Days

last weekend dave and i watched the movie 127 hours. it's a recent flick and true story about a guy who gets into a bit of trouble when out hiking through a canyon.  i'd had it on the recorder for a while and we decided to clear it off to make space for more important stuff like bold and the beautiful, as you do. okay i thought, i can paint my nails, have a snooze on the couch and watch the movie go by and then hit delete. perfect arvo!

off we go, and it's all chirpy fun, good times, till the boulder moves and he falls and traps his arm for what ended up being five days (remember, true story). At this particular moment, i just felt sick because that feeling of being trapped is something that goes along with the stupid anxiety that i have carried around for so many years. believe it or not, i am a loud but quietly anxious girl who has random bouts of the terror that is anxiety and with that comes the feeling of being trapped.  Thankfully it's not full blown panic attacks any more, but all the same, it sucks.

anyway, to cut the story short (that's a bad pun), the guy Aron Ralston - toughest guy on the planet doesn't tell anyone where he's going (take note of this important point if going trekking anywhere in the jungle, or to DFO, takes no phone, (perhaps because in 2003 there was no iPhone) and didn't take his pocket knife and ends up in a bit of a predicament....

the realisation comes that the only way to survive is by drinking his own pee and then eventually cutting off his trapped arm with a non name branded leatherman which he had used to chip away the rock and carve his birth and death years into the wall. oh geez, tough week hey - for the leatherman people, cause they could have made quids!  he fell asleep on his last night of being trapped, with the belief that he would die through the night.  he didn't and has gone on to do amazing things with his life.

in the movie soundtrack on his second day, up pops bill withers - lovely day and what a catchy little happy song to choose for a guy who's trying to work out a way to get out of his botherment.

This song would have to make every day seem better, no matter how bad it might seem. And when I tried to find what would have been a very funky 1970's video clip to post, there was nothing, except stupid videos that people had made to go with the track. And with that, i just had to make a stupid little video too (which probably took me about 127 hours) to celebrate some lovely days from over the past few years.

Enjoy the journey starring me, me, me and plenty of other family and friends and of course....... me.
Thanks to my nieces for randomly being chosen as the face of this.

Lovely Days from jan evans on Vimeo.

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