Wednesday 20 June 2012

Dave and Jans big bad dirty long weekend Part 2

And we are off with our winning letter and no real plans for the next 2 days.
Stop 1 - Flamingo cafe where our beautiful friend RaRa works. And then there was this motley crew
this guy's not motley, but he is part of the crew
Stop 2 - A wander round the valley
We did think this was some kind of weird sex toy (we were in the valley after all) but no, it's just a B&O fancy phone, that costs a squillion dollars and actually could double as a sex toy if needed.
I am only thinking phone sex, nothing else.....

A sun dial, how cute, but it had me quite confused cause it was under a tree canopy in a park, with not a chance of the sun doing its thing.  if you are using this thing to keep track of your day, then forget it.
Stop 3 - our hotel
Complete with champagne and chocolates and look how special they are. the bubbles were in the fridge, so if they weren't actually meant for us, then too bad, we took it anyway
The Incholm has one of those old fashioned lifts where you have to pull open the door, then the wire door to get in and out and really, you need to have muscles like the hulk to do it. I recommend walking in and trying it out, cause they just don't make em like that any more and it was kind of clunky and fun. Thank goodness we were only on the first floor, cause by the time we dropped our bags off and left again, it was out of order.  Fuck, i hope we didn't break that thing.
Next stop - a detour through the Sofitel as we wandered down town.
Ahoy captain, excitement ahead.  They have this big fancy buffet and being vegetarian, i just thought i'd go and see what was there that i might like.  I didn't have a booking or anything, but i just wandered in and checked it out. NOTHING for me that made me want to take a sample or two, so off i went and it was back in the foyer that i gave my husband a quick nudge - look at them, they look like sports people.  and it was a couple of the socceroos getting into the lift, so by the time i'd got my camera ready, i managed to snap a pic of where they had just been.
then as we head out i give my husband a quick nudge and say look, they look like sports people and there was the welsh rugby team and once again i managed to take a photo of what was above them, cause the escalator was going down and too fast for my liking.
Note to self:  next time, get something caught in escalator so it stops and everyone has to come and look, including the welsh rugby team, at which time, i will yell PUNKED and take their photo.
2nd Note to self:  reconsider being a paparazzo, cause i am SHIT at it.
 To Be Continued
Stay tuned for Part 3
(i told you, it was a big weekend)

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