Tuesday 13 December 2011

sew what

it's no secret that i love to sew but sometimes sewing can be fraught with danger and frustration and it's necessary to have a helper to get part of the job done.
on saturday when i was sewing, i had an overlocker malfunction and that just fucks everything up
so in order to make this fabulous number

which i wore on monday
and this rockin piece for the holidays
i had to have a very strong one of these...

.....in order to rethread this machine from the last century. it's the worst!
not even the thread by colour instructions, a pair of tweezers, a very bright light, opened curtains, cursing and my glasses would help the old lady eyes, but eventually it was Jan 1 - overlocker 0
now don't even start me on the unpicking part of the day

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