Monday 19 December 2011

fiji me

okay, i'm gonna brag, i'm in fiji, but really, i had no choice - stay at home, or go to fiji? stay at home, or go to fiji....
been here nearly 4 days now and from the minute i got on the plane i was in holiday mode
half the fun of being in fiji, is that i get to hang out with my funny nephews
i love that my 5 year old nephew is so enthusiastic with the camera.  here's some of his pics from our first few days
off to a shaky start

getting the hang of it

the pearl resort at pacific harbour

now, it's aunty jan's turn

a bone fide baptism, no not above, below!

 aaah the pearl at pacific harbour, our first swim of the fiji adventure

only a few days now till we head to our next destination, natadola

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