Sunday 4 December 2011

12 hour party people

what a fantastic party day
party 1 - dave's do
venue - watt at powerhouse 10/10
staff attentiveness - 5/10
food - not so great 5/10
view - fantastic 10/10
specialness of other people at the venue - 10/10
dave and jan's outfits - stylin 10/10
highlights - lipstick on my teeth - classed me as one of the special people
lowlights - any more sugar in my dessert and i would have on the fast track to diabetes
highlight/lowlight - dave stopping to buy a lotto ticket and hoping that it's lucky cause mal meninga was in the same newsagent
priceless - the look on dave's face when he realised his entree may have been raw
Overall rating 6/10
i spose they can get another point for providing the sugar hit that got me through till after midnight
on our way
dave wishes
this was to help me get through to the next party
the level of sugar in this eton's mess was over the top!
party no 2 - jan's do
venue - victoria park golf club 10/10
staff attentiveness - 7/10 - points taken off for trying to serve me a vegetarian dessert made of jelly and also forgetting to deliver the much needed gin and tonic
food - pretty good 7/10 - would have got a 10, if they had a damn dessert for me
view - very festive 10/10
specialness of other people at the venue - 10/10 - i only need to rate my colleage LM on this one
dave and jan's outfits - stylin 10/10
highlights - dancing to the grease megamix
lowlights - not winning one of the fabulous gifts
priceless - the irony of having to use the disabled toilet which didn't have a light in it - nothing like a good fumble
Overall rating 8/10 
mega losers
after party
venue - lychee lounge - always a favourite 10/10
staff attentiveness - 9/10 - points taken off for telling us we couldn't sit inside, even though we scored a sweet spot near the window
cocktails - get's 9 slurps
view - always spectacular 10/10
specialness of other people at the venue - 10/10 - they weren't in the venue,  they were on the street
dave and jan's outfits - still stylin 10/10
highlights - chrissy and bumping into the A team and jagging a taxi with them
lowlights - none
Overall rating 9/10 
priceless - by that time of night, it could have been anything, even me!

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