Thursday 10 November 2011


i'm not going to muck around and make you wait for the first recipe share cause this easy arse dinner is perfect for a night lounging on the couch.


but, i do like to fake it up with a fake burger.
1. whack some oven bake chips in to cook
2. get a bun
3. get a fake burger
4. get some real salad - slice of lettuce, bit of beetroot, tomato, cucumber and don't forget the sauce
5. while the chips are taking forever to cook, fry a bit of onion and if you want the real bbq feel, slosh a bit of beer in
6. when the chips are nearly ready (in my world it's like forever) heat up that fake burger
7. assemble the burger in which ever order takes your fancy
8. then serve it up

but of course, if you don't have any of this stuff in the cupboard, then your fucked and you'll probably need to order chinese

and as i am always on the lookout for tasty treats, here's some others - don't want to be near anyone when they eat that!
 and an inspring vegan meal - oooh, is that an egg?

and now my guy Mr Movember

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