Saturday 12 November 2011

my week in review

my monday didn't start out like any other monday.  dave had the flu and i had to catch the bus to work with the stinky people.
morning coffee wasn't at my usual ugees, but rather a nameless place close to work that i will never return to cause the coffee was SHIT
following that shit coffee, the day was going fine, until about lunch time when i felt a little palpitation, oh, then another, then a really big one which made me feel funny
hmmm, i thought, this is odd, so i rang my doctor - cause i had to see him about something else anyway, and they just happened to have a spot pretty much straight away.
so, off i trot, tell him what's happening and he looks at me in the befuddled way that sometimes doctors do, and says right, lets do an ECG!  WTF.  there was no LOL for me.
so i then have to endure the indignity of having some strange lady from the reception desk hook me up to the machine and make small talk while she does so.
ECG over, and it looks all normal.
my doctor is so thorough that he then wants to send me for a chest xray and also an urgent blood test to rule out any heart problem.
really, i am thinking, it was the bad bad coffee that's done this to me.
so he says, dear, if you were 25 i wouldn't be so concerned, but you are now in the middle ages. OMFG!
now, i want you to have two days off and follow this advice.
seriously, i have to cut out my three favourite things....
skip to thursday back at the doctor - so dear, how have you been feeling.  FINE, i say.
all the heart tests are good, but i just want to have another listen to make sure you don't have a heart murmur.  oh my god - is he the heart whisperer?
well dear, we did find something in your blood test that we need to talk about.  your glucose was a bit high.
hmmm, i think
so we probably need to look at this and guess what he writes me another advice

geez man, you could have just said i am a bit of a fatty boombah....i can take it, cause i am in my middle ages after all and i have had half a life time of learning how to deal with the hard conversations.  i don't need a piece of paper to stick on the fridge to remind me.

And Yes - i will be hitting the treadmill, the pool, the pavement, taking the stairs, getting my 30 mins a day, 10,000 steps, being in it for life, etc, etc, etc....but i will not be doing it in any form of ill fitting lycra.

you know your are old when you say to your partner
let's go upstairs and make love
sorry, they say, i can't do both!

Mr Movember
he's still sporting his germy, man flu, serial killer, trucker, chopper reid look
11 11
 12 11

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