Sunday 26 November 2017

DSTSS - the human factor

94.  Keep asking yourself "what's really important?"

It's interesting how as i come towards the end of this writing journey that I have been having little flashbacks to the things that led me to start in the first place.  Nothing regretful, just a timeline view of how far I have come.

When this writing journey commenced it was underpinned with chaos, anger, uncertainty and those feelings are so far from my life as it is now.  The learnings i have written about along the way have become even more embedded in my soul.

I guess with closure comes some sense of reflection to see what you are taking away from events in your life and whether you have grown as a person or are still beating to the same drum. I consider positive personal growth to be such a fundamental part of our existence. It isn't something that comes with age, as many people still find themselves at the later part of their life unhappy, angry and living with regret. Growth comes with choice - choice of how we react and respond to situations and events in our life that could otherwise keep us going down the same path.

As I began writing chapter after chapter and seeing my life unfold in the most peculiar of ways, my only focus was to get through one day a time while keeping focus on what was really important - the human factor. It's what mattered even more when the emotional pressure cooker was about to blow. I kept asking myself what was really important....
I wanted to know that at the end of that journey, I could walk away regardless of the outcome and still feel like I had been treating people how I wanted to be treated (sometimes that is a hard thing when you are in the middle of a shit storm).

And here I am using the same winning formula but in a much better life.  If only this formula would fly off the supermarket shelves, it would make the world a much happier place. 
Note to self: It doesn't matter what you are doing, where you are going, what you are feeling, stop and take a moment to ask - what's really important? what's on your human factor list and is it the formula to help you reach your goal of living a more mindful, meaningful, easier life.

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