Wednesday 26 July 2017

DSTSS - 100, 99, 98

82. Remember, 100 years from now, all new people

Oh my god, it feels like a hundred years since i started this project and guess what, in a hundred years from now it won't actually matter what prompted me to begin and the life lessons I learnt and shared along the way cause I won't be on the planet and neither will you. Sorry for that reality check.  But this is a legit chapter in Don't Sweat the Small Stuff, so i have to commit, even if it puts the spotlight on my mortality.

When i think of Brooke Forrester - is it Forrester again yet? from Bold and the Beautiful, she slept her way to ensuring her legacy. I don't plan on doing that, but I reckon B&B will still be going in a hundred years and Brooke's legacy will shine on.

I guess in terms of legacy for me - apart from wanting to turn this project into a coffee table book, I know that i will be remembered as a woman who was kind, quirky, fearless, loving, caring, colourful and fun. I don't think my time of being innovative and paving the way is done yet, but i believe that kindness and being fearless above all those others things is what those close to me would hold in their hearts when i enter their thoughts.

So as any frustrations make their way into your day, take a moment to stop and wonder if it all really matters. If waiting in the queue matters, if having to reschedule an important meeting matters, if the late train matters, if drinking bad coffee matters - actually that really matters, but in a hundred years or 50, or 20 or 10, it's not gonna matter and those little things that stop us feeling peaceful today, will have taken away from our pleasure of living in this very moment while spending it giving 100% positive attention to the people who we love. Take the time to live happily and fearlessly and burst at the seams with experiences, cause in a hundred years, it won't matter as no one who you interact with will be here to remember or judge, but you will have navigated through life with ease and peace.
Note to self: if some of your small stuff is really bothering you and is holding you back from living your best life possible, then why not imagine your future timeline and what you want to see on it. Does it show peace or frustrations, happiness spent with those you love, or distance with people because you are sweating the small stuff? It's all about choice.

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  1. I agree with you on the option of selling the extra and small stuff increasing the work load an taking up space. Apart from it, you must continue blogging as its a good way to share your thoughts with public.