Wednesday 29 March 2017

DAY 28 The review day and bonus solution

Nurturing your mind, body and spirit


I am into the third last day of the 30 day sobriety solution where we do a check in and prepare for the next and final part of this life changing journey.  When i look back at what i have achieved over the past 27 days, i feel pretty fucking amazed and amazing and it's been through my commitment to make change that i feel would add more value and purpose to my life.   Although there have been moments where i felt like, or i thought i felt like i would love to have a glass or two of wine, the reaility is that deep down i haven't actually wanted to do it and i am now 26 days alcohol free.

Over the past week, we have added another layer to our already thriving skill set by learning to nurture our mind, body and spirit and with only two days to go, I feel so empowered and excited by what i have achieved and what is ahead for me.

We are encouraged to see the remaining part of the solution through to become a Graduate of the program. Often people will give up towards the end or just do enough to get to the end of any project and this is no different, but we should have ditched all those negative mindsets, so fear of failure is not an option - for me anyway. How we finish is more important than how we begin. Over Deliver. The authors have had feedback from people saying that they feel a little sad that they have reached the end.  I totally understand that.  I feel like i have made a new friend and one that has taught me more than i could have ever imagined in such a short period of time.
After day 30, it is suggested that we revisit the solutions in the book from time to time to keep our focus, or expand our knowledge by reviewing all the information on the fantastic companion website and the most important suggestion is to offer support to others who may wish to overcome drinking habits that may not be serving them well.  I guess i am in a great position to do this, as i have undertaken a journey that i can see first hand how the pros of being alcohol free far outweigh the cons of being attached to an alcoholic drink. Many times i have been told that i am inspiring and if I have inspired you in some way, I would be more than happy to help or have a conversation if you wish to reach out to me.  This is a genuine offer of wanting to give back and help others who may feel like they want to do something, but aren't quite sure what.

As of now, this is how my progress is shaping up - I am nearly ready to tick off 100% on everything.
Now we will head into Phase 5, where we will learn solutions to empower us with a vision, purpose and a plan to go forth and live a more meaningful life.

So yes, i am feeling 100% committed to seeing this through and am already planning on what i do with my time to ensure i use it to the max. Given i feel this good, it makes sense to continue on with doing the action items as suggested, to see how much further i can grow and receive greater things into my life. I've never been someone who is happy to just live, i want to keep feeling ALIVE.
It was an interesting kinda day.....

I'm not sure what happened but i woke up feeling like i wanted to cry.
Hung out with friends and had dinner. I knew there was going to be a lot of flowing booze, so i took soda water and breezed through. I wasn't even tempted or thinking about drinking, even though i was around a lot of it.
There were jokes a plenty about how much soda i knocked back and I was asked whether i will drink alcohol again.  At this point, i have to say no.  I have a great time just being me.
I went home feeling great.  I had a great time, i felt safe getting home and it's great to know i will wake up feeling amazing.

This was also the day, that a man just walked up to me and told me that i looked really pretty.  I don't recall ever having a stranger do that to me, so i guess i must be giving off some kind of different good vibe.  There was no negative self talk, no doubts, no what!....just thanks and a smile back.
I feel like I have started a conversation towards a new way of thinking about alcohol and i know people have told me they are drinking less and it has to do with following my journey. I was reminded by my friend, that whether or not i choose to have alcohol again, my relationship towards it has changed forever and i find that pretty cool.

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