Thursday 9 June 2016

the sunday session 23 - the pom pom passion

i'm late, i'm late for a very important date......i've been flat strap this week having a visit from my son which has kept me away from the PC.  but my motto better late than never will apply to this tardiness.
last week was another melbourne pleasure. i took myself on a few adventures in my quest to pick up some cheap second hand winter clothing to help me through the coming months and my super duper fave outfit was the pom pom jumper that i found in windsor.  it was like 10 bucks.

i am a pom pom lover that's for sure. i have a stack of them in my treasure box just waiting for them to find a new home and my favourite necklaces are never far from an outfit, even though i made them years back.
even when my sisters and i did a collection in 2013 for Fiji Fashion Week we were pom pom crazy and made so many pompoms to add to our collection.  crazy times!
anyway fast forward to 2016 when the love for pom poms still shines supreme.
there's one thing about wearing pom poms round your neck, or as earrings or as fringing, but when your front torso is covered in pom poms it's quite an eye catcher.  i have enough with my boobs leading the way, without adding these colourful tit-bits to them, but i really loved the sense of fun that they bought to my day, so i just rolled with it.

i really think this is a great DIY project. pom poms are easy to find and could be used to adorn any item that you might like to - beanies, bags, socks, scarf, end of your sleeves - the possibilities are endless and thankfully, i have a stack of these little joys to play with. maybe this is a watch this space....

so that does the fave outfit of the week and a little food for thought about how to use pom poms for something other than being a cheerleader.

well, i did title this blog pom pom passion - and i am thrilled to announce that i have had a bit of pash-on.....yep, a "catch up" with a 30 year old, where a lot of pash was to be had!  big deal you say, well i turn 50 in a few months, so high five me i say cause keeping an open mind to all possibilities was as good as finding a pom pom adorned jumper in a suburban op shop. unexpected, but glad it happened. and what makes it even more hilarious is that this guy used to live in the same apartment block on my same fucking floor.  the world is small and full of surprises.  

go search them out, you never know what you will find....

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