Wednesday 16 March 2016

the sunday session 11 - it doesn't always have to be fast

oh man - this week i am gonna let the fashion do the talking, cause i got nothing but 7 looks that i loved - well i guess i wouldn't wear them if i didn't love them - and of course there's only one i will debrief....but which will it be cause it's so hard to choose now that i am not doing the full outfits rundown each week.  can you guess which one?
it's pretty obvious that i make most of my stuff, cause i tell everyone about it on my instagram  or my instajan as i like to call it and having that creative streak provides me with so much clothing joy.

i am the "end to end" of my clothing journey most times. i see fabric, i decide what i want to make, i make it, i style it and i wear it. it's such a fulfilling thing to be able to do and it means i can just do and wear whatever i want, without having to be a slave to fashion so to speak. i never read fashion mags or follow fashion shows or fashion trends - i am really just pulling stuff out of my own head and going with it.  i like that, it keeps me feeling fashion free.

when i do buy stuff, i love to get pieces that are vintage (a preference that has fallen by the wayside), or pieces that have a distinct lack of popularity about them, giving them a sense of longevity.

this week, i am not going to debrief my incredibly talked about homemade leopard skirt and top - as smoking hot as it was and felt, but a purchased look- the lee cooper jeans and the stripy vintage top.

well the jeans i picked up recently from Big W were super long flares.  So much so, that i needed to be at least an extra foot taller just to wear them with pluggers, so i gave them the chop.

And don't you just love it when you walk into a shop and you literally hear a piece calling to you.  me me me, look at me, i 'm waving to you, come and say know you want to!  that's exactly what that vintage top from OTC on flinders st, melbourne did, but there was a conflict of interest in my mind for some not so flattering reasons.

high neck - accentuates my boobs - i try to avoid
horizontal stripes - an urban myth
sleeveless - hello batwings - yes they are going to jiggle in sleeves, or sleeveless
unnatural fabric - need i say more, but i know it will last - forever
the colour combo - yes yes yes... it far outweighed any of the other negatives and at a bargan price of 10 bucks, it was a no brainer.  i can see a squillion things this top will go with and i am hoping the weather stays warm enough so it can get another outing soon.

so for 10 bucks (on sale) and second hand, i consider it a win for me and for the environment and what i loved about this outfit was that it actually felt balanced, even with some of the not so flattering reasons.

with so much emphasis on fast everything - fashion, love, food, living, i really like to keep a grounded approach as to how i spend my cash on the fash and everything else - and investing 10 dollars on a piece of clothing that has already been around the block, made perfect fashion sense. and yes it was cheap, but it's not new and i can see longevity with it and that's important. there's only somethings i like fast and fashion isn't one of them.

i'm not comfortable knowing that someone has created pieces of clothing and got paid very little for them working in unbearable conditions so they can eventually be discarded when they are are no longer fashionable. i do think about this when i buy clothing.

i also love to re-wear my much loved pieces and over again and finding new ways to bring them to life, it resonates better with my sense of purpose and slower living.

i did get some other pieces on sale from the second hand shop and i know they will be much loved in my wardrobe for a long time and it feels good knowing that my choices are considered and heartfelt.

so for someone who didn't have anything to say, it seemed i had plenty to say - about something. happy styling folks and i'm glad that top called to me across the shop - it's a keeper

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