Monday 7 March 2016

the sunday session 10 - smoke free zone

here we are in march and i have to say, melbourne is such a livable city - but y'all knew that.  i was talking to my friend on saturday night and she said that in her home country of Spain, there are festivals all the time and so it seems same goes for Melbourne.  i am in this cosmpolitan city that just eclipses Brisbane in pretty much everything - apart from my much loved coffee. i've been to a few hot spots round the world, so i am not just having a guess, but there is ALWAYS something happening, well at least for the next month or so, till the weather changes and we go into winter lock down.

this week is the melbourne food and wine festival, before, it was chinese new year, latin festival is coming up and i love that i can literally walk out my door and be in southbank where so much activity happens.

Sorry Brisbane, i have loved you for a long time, but i'm a vibrant woman and i need a vibrant city to go with my vibrant clothes, and i feel right at home here in this ever changing landscape.

someone did come up to me in the office last week and asked if they could ask me a personal question.....sure i said, i am a totally open book!

do you ever wear monochrome? i guess my weeks looks answers that question.
so maybe tomorrow, i might wear monochrome, or maybe not. but whatever i decide to wear, it will be because it feels right for me and that's all that matters.  sorry melbourne, i am not getting sucked into ongoing greyscale anytime soon. 

it was a fun week of fashion, with some old and some new looks to adorn me.

i love being able to create my own clothes.  i never was one for wanting what everyone else had, and my quirky style just loves that.  sure i am happy styling up some basics, but generally, i just love to wear what no one else is.  if it inspires, great. but if not, i am happy just going about my business bringing a colorful palette to the monochrome world. 

so i definitely had a fave outfit this week and it was the green sparkly number.  it won hands down because it was:
1. sparkly
2. sparkly 
3. sparkly
it's a piece i made myself from fabric i got in fiji.  i also had enough to create a shorty short kaftan, which i will wear on another occasion and hopefully, before the weather turns.  maybe i'll pull it out for a run to the post office.  they never fail to deliver, so why should i.
i guess the down side of wearing the spunky green and sparkly number was that i went to a bar in melbourne on saturday night and melbourne has this thing about smoking.  so brisbane, you may not be the razzle dazzle of all things festival like, but at least you can go to a club or a restaurant without having to be a passive smoker - cause cigarette smoke tastes so great with a meal or a glass of wine. It amazes me, that people who work in the hospitality industry here are subjected to second hand smoke for hours at a time even to the point of being at the bar where people are smoking in a supposed indoor outdoor area. i guess that's something that's out of my control, but i have made a pact with myself to no longer go anywhere that i have to breathe in someone else's smokey breathe out.

this really is a biggy for me, because as someone who makes conscious choices about my life and hopefully its longevity through exercise and what i eat, i am not prepared to be in situations where i am potentially having my lifespan reduced due to this.....regardless of who i am with or how much fun i am having.  I hate waking up feeling like i have smoked a pack of winnie blues, or having to get my sparkly green dress dry cleaned, from being in an environment that is accepting of this.

yes, i am reformed smoker and no i'm not hatin on smokers, but in a world where the facts are pretty clearly stated about the risk, i really do feel for the people who have to work in the service industry where their health rights are overlooked.

too much - no, my skin, my lungs, my health and my future don't think so!


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  2. hi Jude
    well i do love brisbane - it just had an opportunity to move to this amazing city last year. my life is no longer there, i am making a new one here. have a lovely day.