Sunday 28 February 2016

the sunday session 9 - WTF universe

alrighty -  here's my hot diggity looks from the week just gone. and did i have a favourite - well of course, i had 4, but i can't debrief them all.
but i will talk about the flowy dress from the huudaverti sunset collection.

so, i have just done 4 weeks of learning to salsa dance.  hands down, one of the best things i have done in my life. amazing.

i have always loved to dance and it goes way back - from when my sister and i used to dance to abba, earth wind and fire, patrick hernandez, amongst others - we loved to dance.  i was instrumental in the choreography of our school dance when we took on Suzie Q and Chris Norman from Smokie with Stumblin In. It's clearly in my blood. we had to take ballroom dancing at school, so i was all over waltzing, and progressive barn dance and those lessons came in handy when we used to go to the local hall and join in with the oldies (and the wild youngies) at the monthly dance in cedar creek near where we lived.   oh those were the days - this is a recent pic, but it doesn't look any different to the 80's.  #flashback
so any opportunity i would get, i liked to dance - even it it was just in the lounge room while vacuuming.   fast forward to 2016 in melbourne, where i did a couple of free salsa classes in the city and decided to take the next step - salsa 1.5, where in just 4 weeks, i have learnt to dance salsa.  can't say i am amazing, but what 4 week old is.

on friday night, our group had their graduation and i decided to wear the dress.  the short, silky, flowing fabulous dress.  so as i made my way to the venue, i was at the mercy of the wind. oy. people on chapel street prahran, be thankful i didn't charge for the ongoing flashing of nickers as the wind blew my dress sky high.  on the dance floor though, it's a different matter, you need to have flow, movement, pizazz and of course the moves (they are still a work in progress), but this dress was killer and i actually think it made me dance better than i could, because it was just moving to the beat.
it was a great night and there's a graduation photo.  i missed this, as i was tired from a massive week at work so decided to call an early night. damn.
i really want to continue with the dancing because it is:
a. fun
b exercise
c learning a new skill
d making new friends and
e. who knows, might be a doorway to love

so speaking of love.  here's my WTF universe moment - as per the title of my post.

today my mother asked me to go and see the tarot reader at south melbourne market.  really, do i have's 45 bucks and given i had to get a new battery and i still have sexually transmitted debt, i thought better of it, but i did it.  she implied that seeing as i had spent 100 bucks on 3 new pairs of jeans, then it shouldn't be a problem.  As a disclaimer  - the last pair of jeans i got were in 2013 - at the start of the year and they have seen better days.  any way back to the tarot.

so i have removed myself off all dating sites.  it's horrible, i was sick of being sexually objectified, demeaned, having to deal with men who got annoyed cause i don't answer back in light speed and men who just don't get me, don't make an effort to communicate, and don't really care, unless they think i will fuck them, or send them a pic of my boobs or minge. no no never. this is not how you make my minge twinge fellas - you need to seduce my mind and actually care. i don't want to try and find a needle in a haystack of crap. it's fucked. fuck you online dating 2016 for sucking me in for a short time.

as i have consciously decided to let the love aspect of my life go, (i have journaled this, along with other things that were troubling me in the past and i've shared them all) i figured that the universe would guide and provide me the answers for my life going forward. so far it's been pretty good at this. and i made peace with the reality that as a nearly 50 year old single woman, then the odds are pretty low of me bumping into mr future and i am okay with that. and now this bloody tarot reader tells me straight up i need to look for love. aaaarrrgggghhh!

no i said, i am not looking. but you need to, you need to seek it out. FFS.  i consider myself to be very in tune with the universe, but i think the universe is wanting the last laugh again and i'm not sure if my sense of humour is up for this one! should i go along for the ride? well, i think i will just continue to do what i am doing. not thinking about it, and being in this moment of my great life and working on my salsa and enjoying one of my favourite songs from the 70's, when the future of love for me wasn't even on the horizon, but when Chris Norman and Suzi Quatro were Stumblin in and i just wanted to dance my little heart out.

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