Sunday 31 January 2016

the sunday session 5 - ciao bella

can i just say straight up, that i loved all of my looks this week and i am going to zero in on one of them to do a bit of a debrief.  I actually want to talk about a few, especially the pink dress.  OMFG. the pink dress is hot and if i had it in multiple colours, i would wear it day after day after day.  but that's not the one i want to talk about....
in my quest to be "dateable" i am looking for all sorts of ways to signal my availability and by the amount of 30-somethings who contact me online, clearly i am F%&k-able, but that's not what i want. Well maybe i want a bit of what they want, but i want more than just what they want....

i am on a learning journey that's for sure, learning how to navigate the world of singledom as a nearly 50 year old, vibrant, fun, colourful woman.  thing is, i am not a frumpty dumpty and i am not going to just jump because some ninny says "hey" what is that anyway "hey".  in my day, it was what horses ate and maybe still is, unless they have also gone paleo!

i enrolled in a laneway learning (thank you work colleague for pointing these out). cheap as chips, with a variety of offerings and when the perfect italian date session came up, i was all over that. who doesn't want to have some latino love and given i speak enough italian to get me in and out of trouble, i felt it would be for me.  so i shared with my friend elena and we booked in and went along.

first challenge was picking the right tram stop at dockside.
i got there early, as there was a big storm warning present and figured i'd either cancel, or beat it and beat it i did, cause it never arrived.  since the big storm of 2014, i cannot be too careful.
as i was so early, i decided to check out the taco truck. wa wa wa waaaa. i had high expectations, but their vegetarian item was very lacklustre.  2 tiny fried bean tacos and a bunch of dry cornchips. maybe the fish and chicken ones were better, but for the cost and experience, i was very disappointed and i don't disappoint easily.

so our class started and we got down to business and learnt the plusses and minuses of dating italian men.  at least if it get asked on a date by an italian, i will now to be at least 5 minutes late, to smell amazing, to know how to tell if he wants to be friends or lovers, to know that i am not going to be miss right, but just miss right now, and to never talk down his mother. ever.... it was a lot of fun and we got to drink martini straight up.......ooooh nasty. some things are never meant to be done dry.
i then strolled home thinking what i could do to become more like monica bellucci who was featured in the class.
all she had to do was pop a bottle of martini in her bag, dark glasses, red lips and she was like the pied piper of italian men. i'm gonna try that, first stop tomorrow is BWS for a cask - cause i am that classy.  but i don't want to be mistaken for a wino so i'll pop it in a brown paper bag, move over monica, competition has arrived, cause janijans is here.

anyway that brings me to my outfit of the week - the shirred top and shorts, cause this may have been my monica bellucci moment.  hubba hubba.
so i am part of huudaverti a label started with my sister a few years back but i am also a blogger and fashion sharer from way before we started that, so i have this kind of awkward as to how i split between the two.

well yesterday, i was jan, the 49 year old single woman going out for a drink and i happened to put on a huudaverti outfit and found this amazing shadowed wall to take a pic.  OH MY GOD.  this outfit was a first for me - firstly because i hate to wear strapless, but also because when i put on the shorts, top, shoes, lipstick, shells and did the hair, i felt like the non black wearing version of monica bellucci.  it was bizarre, i had this sex appeal that was something i had never felt before. i don't know whether it was me, or the outfit, but i can assure you it was a head turner and one that i felt very at home in. thank you huudaverti for these looks and thank you to me for styling it in a way that made me feel amazing. (the shorts and top are is available to buy should you want to embrace your own monica bellucci moment)
so where to now? well back to to the cask and to work on my sex appeal i guess, and to another week of outfits that i will put together to share with you all, cause that is what i love to do.  ciao belli!

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