Thursday 28 January 2016

DSTSS - quiet please

71. Quiet the mind

i never really got the concept of meditation - after all, why would i want to stop and let my busy creative crazy mind relax - i'd be worried that all the good stuff in there would drain out or get suppressed and i'd somehow become less busy, creative or crazy.  I wouldn't want that.  i might become boring.

what i have discovered though, is that there is sometimes a need to quiet the mind and especially so now, when our lives are facebook, instagram, twitter, whatsapp, kik, life, work and any other distraction that is keeping our mind constantly on the go.

i felt recently like i had a major setback and one that left me overthinking, questioning. reliving moments, challenging behaviours, reminding myself of a golden rule - being able to walk in another person's shoes - to imagine what another person may feel, or to think what affect something you do may have on them or those around them.- a self awareness moment.

sadly when i questioned a decision that i felt was lacking in self awareness, i was told behave....yep, behave!

And with that, the need to quieten my own mind was necessary, while i rode this wave of surprise and hurt.

So what did i do - well i struggled to quiet my mind. yep me, the queen of letting shit go. i really did, because it was just like someone hit the spin cycle and my mind just went into overdrive . i thought, i cried, i talked, i pondered, i had a great discussion with a friend, i was offered perspective and eventually hit a light bulb moment.  the one where that little piece of the puzzle falls back into its place and you can go about your business knowing that you stay true to your self.
being able to quiet the mind allows us to be in the moment, gain perspective and see life for what it is, as series of things that don't always flow smoothly, but things that we can hopefully manage without making us crazy. just let it go.

i guess the question is how do you quiet the mind. here's some tips.  talk to someone, write the feelings down, practice some meditation - there are lots of apps, lie on the grass and watch the clouds float by or as my boss said to me, just lie down and breathe and if all that fails - tune in to dr sandra lee...she's a you tube meditation.

note to self: find your inner quiet = finding your inner peace = living a life where you can tackle just about anything, or in my case, probably tackle it better then if i didn't have a little bit of zen. Let that shit go, no matter how hard it seem to be.

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