Tuesday 10 November 2015

DSTSS - i want it now

66. Think of what you have instead of what you want

How satisfied are you? and i don't mean in the bedroom, i mean in life.  if you aren't satisfied in the bedroom, then you need to sort that shit out and if you aren't satisfied in life, well you need to sort that shit out as well.
i have found that gratitude and appreciation to be one of the most humbling experiences ever.  it takes your focus off letting your mind get led away with the wants and needs that we think we want and need and allows us to focus on what is right in front of us - the things that we have already, that we can so often take for granted. it's a nice grounding feeling to be present and see the great things right in front of you rather that try to make out the things that you that you thin, look great in the distant horizon.

as i navigated through my difficult recent life journey, as much as i wished some things could be different, i always remained grateful for what i had and it certainly enabled me the clarity to help take me to where i am now.
if you are not sure how to become grateful - then maybe start by finding something that is ok, good, or great in any situation, no matter how hard that may seem and let that be a stepping stone towards a more peaceful happy life.

note to self: i can only be where i am right now and have what i have right now....and for me that's enough, as living in the moment is far better than wishing the moment away.

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