Tuesday 29 September 2015

the what i wore project - week 39 - it was birthday week

this week i delved into my bag of tricks and had to manage the weather which was nice then cold, then cold, then cold, then nice then nice then nice.  Every weekend has been pretty amazing though in the weather stakes and that is making the melbourne train all the more fun to ride.
i was reminded this week when i went to get summer shoes out of my wardrobe, that all of my summer shoes are still in my taxi box in brisbane - apart from a pair of birkenstocks (not work wear) and one brown wedge sandal - yep, there is only one..... and with the weather warming up so rapidly, this will be problematic soon, so i will be happy to take donations to help relocate these so i can feel the freedom of the toe wriggle of sandals. but until that happens it's boots, day in and day out,which is fine, cause the weather can turn in an instant so it pays to be dressed for all eventualities.
monday it was short sleeves for me.  this dress is from one of my fave places in suva fiji and i teamed it with a bold necklace from fijian designer robert kennedy. i am not afraid to put things together that you wouldn't normally think would work and that's half the fun of expressing my individuality.
tuesday it was long sleeves - the weather was cold and it required a little something to brighten the dark skies.  i went with basic black, leopard and some red contrasts to bring the look to life.
wednesday was my 49th birthday.  i can hardly believe it - 49 - i love to keep a really youthful outlook and i think that my love of fashion and its endless possibilities has a lot to do with it (and the desire to never be an old fart) i like to keep a mindset of being open to change and this keeps me from becoming locked into a path of same same.

the skirt and belt was made by me, boots now 10 years old and top comes from Dream Diva.
i often get told that i don't look my age and what is age supposed to look like anyway?  but i will thank resilience when times are tough, being humble and grateful, coconut oil, when the skin feels dry, water and white wine, laughing and smiling, a vegetarian lifestyle for nearly 20 years and a positive outlook on life, regardless, living in the moment.....and bright lipstick.
on thursday i wanted to wear my target vinyl skirt and the weather was also nice enough to just wear this great poncho. someone at work commented that it was what is known as plastic silk in india.  i think she's right.  

the poncho comes from our label huudaverti (which i am excited to announce) will be showcasing at LA Fashion Week in October, as part of the Fiji Fashion Week showcase.
ahhh casual friday and again it was lovely, jeans and a short sleeve T were the order of the day. I did a rolling updo and added my fave flowers to my hair.  These flowers are a big hit in the office and perfect for an environment where plenty of people have bad allergies.  they can look, but don't need to sniff.

the top was made by me, jeans are from target, boots from jo mercer and flowers from sportsgirl.
so i love it when the weekend comes round, cause i get to go exploring and find different places to take my ootd photo.  there are some routines that i am missing - one is not having a coffee place that i can go and start the day at - and i am so over bonsoy and two is not having a lot of choices for backdrops during the weekday, without carrying my little tripod round with me all day.

this great dress is from huudavert and it's actully split from the underarms to the hips.  i teamed it with my 10 year old boots, sequin belt made by me, t-shirt from suzanne grae and necklaces.  round beads are from and op shop and the flower is from Fiji.

speaking of photos, i did my second PHOTOH group class as well. it's a slow burn getting to build a network in this new city, but one step at a time.
sunday i was a little bit country and a little bit rock and roll. i donned denim, sequins and western boots all in the name of styling it my way.  i know that double denim can be a sin, but what's the verdict on newly faded denim....

i also took the opportunity on sunday to do 2 other good things.
number one - was have scones for breakfast. they were good, but not as good as mine and i don't think it will be long till i begin some baking.  people, don't skimp on the cream or the jam FFS.
number two - was getting a hair cut.  i have had a great hairdresser for the past 4 years and my challenge was to find another one - but bingo, i have, at the south melbourne markets and it only cost me 29 bucks and having some of that old hair energy cut off feels brilliant.

my skirt is from Dream Diva, boots are from the wrangler store at DFO Brissy, my vest is by Lee, and bought at Big W, but sequined by me.

and since declaring that on sunday i was a little bit country and a little bit rock and roll, it seems only fitting that i end my post with donny and marie osmond....there is plenty to love here.

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