Sunday 20 September 2015

the what i wore project - week 38

i am digging this melbourne life and i haven't even scratched the surface - it's just like an ongoing adventure and i can't wait for the weekend to come around quick enough.

this week was another lot of firsts.

the first first was that i had to go away for work and did actually go to the great ocean road - no 1, the great ocean road and that's where it stopped.

the second first, was that i wasn't prepared and needed to make my way to the personal hygiene lane of the nearest convenience store/chemist/servo and i did go the long way - via bells beach - never been there before.
and the third first, was that i finally found my normal.
and for finding my normal, here's what i wore - weather permitting.  everything i bought to melbourne is now in my wardrobe and as i am believer of wearing it more than once and styling different ways, there's very little new stuff - but after not seeing some things for so many weeks, it almost feels like it's all new.  how good is that - and without the price tag.
monday i stepped out in this great dress i made.  i just love a straight through dress and depending on the fabric or the styling, it doesn' t need to feel like a straight through dress. i also accessorised with sunscreen as i had to go to torquay and why not take the top off the convertible and enjoy the sun beating down on you.  and just like that, the weather turned.
 tuesday it was all sportscraft (apart from the shoes) and it was cold and rainy.
oh and tuesday night i got to put on some sparkle - a straight through dress that i made myself, including sewing every sequin on one by one.  my pashmina is an indian original circa 2000 from my first trip there.
wednesday i snuck across the golf course, past the no walking on the green sign to catch the beautiful light. it was actually frosty and this simple look saw me enjoy a mid week work day in casual comfort.
thursday - oh dear.  i really wanted to pull something else out of my bag of tricks today and i actually made this outfit about 4 years ago and love the whole pattern clashing combo.  i need a fucken iron. i can pretend that it looks pleated as much as i like, but this velvet crush is best left to the juice stand.
on friday i delved into the world of fringe and oh man isn't that just fraught with danger.  to quote my dear nana - it was hopstropolis it just had a mind of its own.  it got caught on everything and i can't even begin to describe how it was going to the toilet - it didn't go in the toilet, but trying to work around it was interesting to say the least and by the time i got home, i threw the darn thing on the floor before i did anything else, for fear of it being a safety hazard.

the death defying fringe jacket and denim skirt come from dream diva, the jumper from uniqlo, boots from jo mercer and various necklaces topped the look off.  the frngy thing is now back in the cupboard ready for an outing that doesn't require much motion.
this weekend, i didn't have to go to ikea, or look for a fridge or do anything that wasn't about what i wanted to do. it was today that when i woke up, i looked out the window and spent a fair bit of time feeling grateful - for everything.  and then i went and stocked up my fridge with some great supplies from the south melbourne market.

i also had to say goodbye to my much loved golas - after 10 years, they had walked their last steps and they were deemed unrepairable.  rip lovely golas.

my outfit today, was an inner glow, jeans, studded belt, golas, black T and sparkly overtop which was a hit with everyone.  i was even asked if i was going for an audition (WTF) no, this is just my normal i declared.
the weather continued to amaze so i decided to amaze back and put on one of my fave dresses - yep a straight through one that i made myself with fabric i got in fiji, some years back.

i new that i had reached my normal today, cause after doing a few things this morning, i declared that a nana nap was in order and i just took meself off for a much loved siesta.

i'm pretty happy with how this week panned out in the life and fashion stakes and with week 38 tucked under my belt, i look forward to week 39.

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