Monday 14 September 2015

the what i wore project - week 37

and boom - just like that i am settled in my own place in melbourne.....well kinda settled, i still have a lot of ikea to put together, but that's no big deal -what is a big deal is that i am sleeping in my own bed and surrounding myself with my own stuff and i have managed to hang all my clothes in a wardrobe instead of digging through bags.

i was also in desperate search for a fridge and after 3 long trips to harvey norman, i managed to get one by the skin of my teeth by delivery cut of on thursday enabling it to be delivered on Friday morning, aaaaahhhh that meant by wine time, at least the wine would be cold.
i transitioned out of my temporary accommodation through the week and into a whole new world of wardrobe possibilities and ended the week in short sleeves, while the wintery spring weather actually became spring weather.
monday i wore my trusty red velvet suit from sportscraft, mens shoes from tarocash, and my mokesh jumper from harris scarfe. it was time to start gathering my things at my temporary accommodation and prepare for the move.
tuesday i wore my jumper and puffer vest from uniqlo, boots from jo mercer, and tweed buckle pants from huudaverti. my necklace is from fiji.

okay, i am not a planner, but in order to facilitate the lugging that was required from one place to another, i had to lay out a few things to get me to the end of the temporary state of play.

of course, that meant having some back ups in case what i put out wasn't going to be enough for my love of variety and guess what, just like clockwork, i put on the tuesday outfit and totally changed my mind to this one. surely i can't be the only person who might change their outfit 3 or 4 times, before leaving the house?  lucky i planned to have a back up plan.
wednesday i wore a simple look - my boots, tube skirt from huudaverti, red jumper and a fancy necklace. of course that wasn't the first outfit i put on, was it, given i had a back up plan.
on thursday well didn't i go all preppy with a ribbon in my hair.  i didn't actually have any hair ribbons (will sort that out soon) but i did find a ribbon that was part of the wrapping of a farewell gift.  it was the last morning at freshwater place and after work, i packed up everything else i had and made a final departure to my new digs, where i discovered i couldn't find any sheets, or a doona, but i didn't care,  i was in my own bad. it was just like camping but better.
friday i was happy it was casual day and also nearly the weekend.  i still hadn't recovered from whatever bug was plaguing me, but happy to say that finally by sunday morning i was better.

friday, i went in search of a new place for my ootd pic and for this one, i was on the apartment terrace.  i wore my target skinny jeans, jo mercer boots and this totally cute top from seed.
notice anything different here.......well everything apart from my denim jacket has all come out of my stuff that was packed away during my move.  i had a workshop on Saturday that was gifted to me and after a rocky start to the morning, i was off and in spring mode.

the pants and top are made by me, converse are by converse, denim jacket from best and less and the necklaces are from local talent Beck Jobson at handmade life. not only is she an amazing artisan, but one of the only people i know in melbourne.
and what can i say about sunday, except that it was spectacular and it was like the city had woken up and come out of hibernation.  i had a busy day again - still unpacking and getting some bits and pieces and as i felt great, i took myself out to brekky before i got on with the day.

i wore black and gold  T from suzanne grae, mens shoes from stone, red flowers in my hair are from sportsgirl, my huudaverti name necklace and vintage overalls i picked up from OTC. i find it hard to get plus size vintage in some second hand shops, but i took a punt on these, and it paid off.

well it is feeling great to be settled, and i can't wait to get my sewing machines out and start creating. bonus is having a spotlight just practically around the corner and given i haven't sewed a thing since my sewing room was demolished in the storm last year, i am excited about this happening sooner rather than later.

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