Monday 10 August 2015

living the high life

ah monday - you were chilly. the kind of chilly that if i were a supermodel on location doing a shoot that required a fan to blow my hair and scarf - i wouldn't have needed the fan. the temp was 9, the windchill was -1.
is that a gun in my pocket or is it just bloody windy? 
today i am still on the apartment hunt and i believe that the right place will be here for me.  it better bloody hurry up though.

today was also the day i got to feel connected to brisbane through a gift i received from my lovely friends, seleneah, darren and mckinley.  it's all a bit surreal still, cause i just think i can walk out the door and head to ugees, or the markets or any of my familiar places and see the people i love, but i can't.  i have to make new places and new people.
it rained and i got caught in it.  how excited was i to crack open my umbrella which has been waiting patiently in my bag and give it a go.  this umbrella is special cause the rain drops change colour when it gets wet.  i was also given another great gift, but it's worthy of its own blog post.

problem was that i kept stopping (in the rain) and checking to see how much it was changing colour. der, but it was so worth it.

when i walked into the apartment this afternoon, i had one of those holy fuck moments.
i literally threw my bag on the ground, grabbed my camera and stood in awe at the sight that beheld me.  the city, rain and a double fucking rainbow.  when you are 46 floors above the ground, it is very impressive. (i encourage anyone who wants to come and visit to do it sooner rather than later, cause this is spectacular - you might have to sleep on the lounge but what a view to wake up to).
as the city started to dry off it began to take on different shades of light and beauty and the wind was making it tricky to try and get a clear shot (thank you selfie stick and tripod)
i had a bit of a dinner incident last night when i decided to get a few dishes from the vegetarian asian store to have during the week.  i ordered a special fried rice with no egg - no FUCKING egg! and it had egg.  they were very obliging when i said i would come back today and swap it and when i got there, she decided that to make up for it, she would give me 2 serves. another to have later in the week.  FFS - one dish is so large that i will be eating it till next week - and now i have 2 and she suggested i give the egg one to my dog.  do i look like a dog person - wouldn't i have taken my dog with me on the walk???? probably - you know what, i might consider a dog.
they have seriously huge serves here and now i have 3 of the fuckers.  my plan was to give a warm one to a homeless guy i saw on the way to the restaurant, but he was gone when i walked back,

in melbourne it's been the coldest weather in 20 years the past few weeks, and i am getting used to it.
when i look out my window, i see the bigger picture and feel so grateful to be experiencing the life i have right now.

i hope that others find ways to be grateful, regardless of what's going on, or whether they now how 3 serves of special fried rice, that they don't know what to do with.

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