Sunday 14 June 2015

the what i wore project - week 24

First up - here's all my looks from this week, in what was quite a higgeldy piggeldy weather week here in brissy.

As a result of the devastating storm in Brissy last year, there were a number of things that sucked about it and two of them were these.
1. my clothing got damaged due to water, dye running, debris etc etc
2. my sewing room got demolished - literally, it was trashed along with my machines, every piece of thread, pins, some patterns, fabrics etc etc

the impact of this has now come to light in a way that has seen the majority of my weekend walking around both garden city and indooroopilly shopping centres, looking for some new winter wear.

the best part of this was, that i probably exceeded the required 10,000 steps per day as i went in search of fashion.
the worst part of this was that there was not much on offer that was different and appealed to my sense of style.

when i mentioned to someone that i was going to garden city, they proclaimed that it was like going to a chinese factory outlet - and that is just what it felt like.  mass produced, cookie cutter outfits that offered me no joy at all.

i tell a lie - i did find three totally impractical things that made it into my wardrobe, from a shop called Sha Sha at Garden City.
2 x jumpsuits and 1 x leopard side split overdress,with this fabulous high neckline. this was also the first time i did a dressing room selfie and given the current state of fashion play, may be the last.
in this outfit, i am thinking that there must be a disco somewhere in the world, because with this leopard overdress on that black jumpsuit, there are only good moves to be had.

so, apart from these items, i came away empty handed in the clothing stakes.

i know it's an ongoing issue for women who don't wan't to feel like they are just looking like the next person who walks by and for me, it is especially frustrating, as i just need to wear things that express who i am creatively and individually.  Sure i can walk into a shop and put together some looks, but there has to be a element of difference to what i want to put on.

So what to do - well i did the only thing possible and that was to buy some chocolate eclairs from bread top so i can add to my muffin top and then i headed to spolight to start the very very expensive task of replacing all the things that were damaged in the storm. and i look forward at sometime soon, getting my pedal to the metal and creating some looks again.  i have really missed not doing any sewing, as it has been nearly seven months.
so here's a wrap up of this week's looks, without any other blabbering apart from the outfit and where it came from.
monday i flashed some skin and wore target boyfriend jeans, rhinestone belt from wrangler DFO, top from nyc gifted from my sister, birkenstocks and of course a big janijans smile.
tuesday it was cold so i rugged up and wore black velvet jeans from sportscraft, red suede men's shoes from stone, puffer vest picked up in sarojini market new delhi and a black turtle neck jumper from coles fairfield.
wednesday it wasn't too hot or too cold so i wore tree tube skirt from best and less carindale, black jumper from coles, boots from jo mercer and various necklaces.
thursday well it was warm again so i wore black pants from country road, top from suzanne grae and my lee vest that i sequined at the back with a big red love heart.
friday i wore a comfy casual look for the office which was skinny jeans from target, a black sequin belt i made, a batwing chiffon top from target that is open at the back, over a black long sleeve tee.
these boots got the first outing of the year and i love them soooo much.  the heel is just right, the pointed toe is just right, the studs are so right and the length is just right.  it's a goldilocks moment and they are from mollini, but i had to search the countryside to find them and eventually picked them up in a dress shop at cabarita.
saturday it was market day and that meant a stop to my most favourite vego stall at west end market. for me it wasn't too cold so i wore those same skinny jeans from target, my western boots from wrangler DFO , and a very sheer cheesecloth top from tree of life carindale and i couldn't wait to get my hands on a spinach and fetta pie.
sunday it was cold again - make up your mind brisbane weather.  i took this photo down in west end where there was a big sign saying under surveillance.  great, i thought, i can bust some moves before the cops come.  i wore skinny jeans, diadora sneakers from suva, fiji, a silver puffer jacket from uniqlo new york and also hottest of hot pink cap from old navy in nyc as well.

well that was my week in fashion and my very disheartening weekend in shopping for fashion. actually, now i come to think of it, i went to target at buranda last week and was equally disappointed with what is often a place of a few good finds.

i really don't know what to make of it all.  the desire to continually produce this mediocre stuff can't go on forever....surely. i know that people are very vocal about wanting fashionable items, especially in the plus size market, but for me, it just isn't hitting the mark and i am not sure what the answer to this is or how i can stand out from the masses when all i see is mass production. i guess that continuing to create the looks that i want to wear is more important now, then it ever was, if this is the future of local fashion that i am being offered.

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