Saturday 16 May 2015

the what i wore project - week 20

this week was and still is action packed.  not only was i heading off to fiji for our fourth showing at fiji fashion week, but i had to finish all my work work, before i could leave to go to fiji for my fun work.
as my departure date grew closer, the list of things i needed to finalise grew longer.  things such as finalising my fabrics for our collection, last minute shopping in the form of chocolates, crumpets, soy milk, vegemite, promite, getting some strategic waxing (really, you want me to put my leg up where - this is hair removal, not a bloody yoga class) and the list went on. i also had to go and have my first ever try at having some fake eyelashes put on. This wasn't like a slab of lashes, but individual ones as i am so in love with the ones that a colleage has, that i decided to try my own.  Now, i haven't taken this lightly - i don't even pluck or wax my eyebrows, so doing this was quite the commitment, but they do feel long and lovely.
what was hilarious though was that during this relaxing time with the therapist, we were chatting about make up and i explained that apart from a bit of lippy, mascara and some eye shadow, i thought had reached my full make up potential about a year ago. but no, i am doing a bit more now - my red stila eyeliner is now a must have item. i didn't even know how to put eyeliner on until about 6 months ago but a lesson from mecca cosmetics fixed that. i just was never that into all of this stuff, regardless of how razzle dazzle my outfits may be. a simple face wash some coconut oil when i remembered was pretty much my routine.  anyway, i am doing a bit more in the make up department and when i told her of this, she offered the compliment that i have started looking after myself....actually i said, i have always looked after myself, so with that faux pas, she proceeded to ensure my transition into falsies was quick and painless and one that i am happy with.  the fact that my sister said i have drag queen lashes, doesn't deter me at all. it just makes it all the more fun.

so this week i am only showing 5 looks that i wore and the reason for that is that i am now in Fiji, as of Friday night and i literally have no clothes.  i bought the bare basics. a pair of shorts, swimmers, 2 tops, pj's, what i wore on the plane a dress to wear to an event and a pair of pants.  not much for 3 week's vacay, but that is okay, because i am going to raid my sisters wardrobe or the huudaverti sample rack and just make up some new looks each day.  i just had too much other stuff to bring, so figured i would just leave my clothes back home.  genius! but it is a little weird not quite knowing that you can go to your fall back faves if you need to.

well, here is what i wore pre-fji for my busy busy week at work and what because a very chilly brisbane.
Monday i wore this heavy cotton drill dress with classic art. I made the dress with fabric from spotlight and the boots are from jo mercer.
Tuesday i wore an animal print tube skirt from huudaverti, really old black top from temt, boots from jo mercer, vest from uniqlo melbourne and western belt from wrangler dfo.
Wednesday i wore gold denim skirt from huudaverti, black top from unknown, boots from jo mercer and lee denim vest from Big W that i sequined the heart onto the back of.
Thursday i wore something to keep me warm as it was bloody chilly so i dressed for the cold weather apart from the shoes - but that's a brisbane thing. this red velvet suit if from sportscraft, my jumper is from harris scarfe, shoes from betts and belt made by me.

i refrain from wearing anything suit like as i just don't want to be responsible for causing anyone to drop what they are carrying, or fall over at the sight of me in such a constructed look.
Friday i wore something comfy to travel in.  jeans from target, shirt/dress from tree of life, poncho from davies park markets, birkenstocks and a smile of someone who is about to go on three weeks leave.

i got to work super early on thursday - it was cold and clear and i decided to take a pic of our beautiful city that is brisbane.
so tonight i am in suva, staying in a little bure at my sisters house.  it is cool, raining and even though it is just 2 hours difference, from home, i am feeling tired but very excited about going into her cupboard tomorrow to see what i can dress up in. my trip was uneventful, unlike my last one when i got the final boarding call at brissy and i hope to try and update my looks everyday. however with fashion week just around the corner and a collection that is still in progress, i will be on high alert for the next 2 weeks.  then it will be true holiday time.


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