Monday 18 May 2015

the what i wore project - my sister's wardrobe day 1

in my last post i mentioned that i didn't really bring many clothes to fiji and yesterday, i was quite content schlepping round my sisters house until we had to go to model rehearsals in the arvo and  that was when i had to take my first trip into her wardrobe.

where do you start in someone else's wardrobe - you like what you see, you don't know what the really good stuff is, the colours are different, the shapes, the size - there is a lot to consider.

so yesterday I went with a safe option. A dress i hadn't seen before, but a fabric i was familiar with.
The reason i am familiar, is that i got this fabric in australia to make something to wear when my sister and i walked our very first runway in fiji.  For the original, it was a kaftan which i ironed on swarovski crystals to give it a bit of sparkle under the lights.
For yesterday's choice i was instantly drawn to a dress she had made from the same fabric.  It has butterfly sleeves and has such a nice shape and feel.  I teamed it with my new metallic birkenstocks, some silver hoops, freshly washed hair - thank goodness and my lovely new lashes and went off to model rehearsals to see the ladies who are going to be walking for us at the show.

we came home to find that the kids had washed the dog - with the jif. they denied as much as they could but the truth came out. the dog was sparkly clean as jif is used for maximum cleaning with minimum scrubbing.

So the dog is actually totally fine - it's had no adverse reactions, or itching and even fronted up for a blow dry today to finish the job.  i think the next step needed is to cut these crazy dreadlocks off her hind legs.
my nephew also discovered my camera remote control and set about taking pictures of anything and everything.  who am i to stand in the way of such creativity.
and after a rather hectic first day in Fiji, it was time to head out for model rehearsals and see how our group is looking.

And i guess the question i ask myself now, is what am i going to wear tomorrow.

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