Sunday 3 May 2015

the what i wore project - week 18

this was the week that the weather went out of control - hot cold, windy and wet wet wet.  It was like dressing for any possible event, was on the cards.  And here is what I ended up with for week 18.
There was short, long, sleeves, no sleeves, open and closed toes and even my gumboots were on stand-by - just in case.  what was a saving grace, was that i managed to go through all my winter clothes last week and wash what wasn't storm damaged in preparation for the coming months.

As i also now have to take my own photos, there are a lot of misses, while i am running to get into to my shot.  Today, you get to see the behind the scenes.  Cause it is not a one shot wonder at all, when you are in control of the remote control, which i might add, is the best invention ever.
Monday - it wasn't too hot, and it wasn't too cold, but it wasn't just right.

I wore pin corduroy spotted dress made by me, pom pom necklace made by me, shoes from whittner.
Tuesday, the weather was not to heavy and not to light, it was just right.

I wore pink stretch satin skirt made by me, top/dress made by me. I had decided a while back i wasn't in love with it anymore so put it to the donation pile, and then i saw it again and we feel in love, again.  shoes were from betts and earrings are from huudaverti.
Wednesday - i had a feeling it would warm up and i was right.

I wore pants from country road, shoes from betts, shirt from suzanne grae, giant hoops from lovisa and this super fun poncho from huudaverti.  It is covered with botticelli's and is our special of the week with coupon weekly20, if anyone wants one.
Thursday - well look who is rugged up.  It was cold and wet

I wore pink velvet skirt and sequin belt made by me, jumper from Harris Scarfe (this jumper is the same one i wanted from Witchery last year but it was sold out and also twice as expensive) boots from Jo Mercer, circa 2005.
Friday the weather was shitter than shit.  It was a tropical low of tropical proportions (for brisbane) and we all got an early mark from work to get home as it just got worse.  Fortunately, i had an easy run home and was so grateful that i now have the roof above my kitchen repaired and the rain doesn't come in.  It was too wet to even go to the local for a wine.  Now that's saying something, cause it is only a minute down the road.

I wore jeans from target, ankle boots circa 2006 from whittner they are well worn and still going strong, long sleeve T and woollen over vest and my fave heart earrings.
Saturday turned out to be beautiful blue clear skies - not sure why we call it skies, cause there is only one. i offered to drop my son at work, so he was behind the lens today.  It was one of those brissy days - cold in the morning and then by lunch time it is boiling.

I wore my jeans from target that i tie dyed myself, shoes from gola, long sleeve T over a short sleeve T and puffer vest i picked up from uniqlo in melbourne.  I love a puffer vest, it's the perfect transition piece. Both vest and long sleeve T were relagated to the back seat of the car by mid morning.
Sunday and it was cool, warm, cool warm and i just knew i would end up roasting if i wore too much, so the super charged poncho was the item de jour.  Someone pointed out today that it is so brissy to wear thongs with warm weather stuff.  Aint that the truth.

I wore pink cords from sportscraft, havaianas from byron bay, black tea from temt, silver hoops and poncho that i picked up from tree of life last year.

I also did the how old am i test this week.  bbbhhhaaaa it say's i am 33. it is such a liar.

this week was another week that i read about women who are living with body image issues and these issues affect so many other areas of our life and the most important one is our own happiness and inner peace.

On friday, while i was grabbing some brekky, i saw this card in the shop and took a snap of it. 
It takes a lot of courage to walk up to a mirror and say - i am perfect just how i am. and if you don't believe it, who will?  Doing this in front of a mirror may seem strange and weird and you may not believe it at first, but it's a start on the journey to self love.
Friday was also the day that someone liked a pic on instragram and as you do, i checked out the profile and was interested to see what they were on about  at #ownyournumber.  they want you to share the number you want to overcome, or already have... and here's what i posted.

well i don't care about the number of my clothes size (18) or my age (48) or any of that stuff, but i do care about me and my place in the world and that makes me number one (1). we all deserve to be number one (1) and put ourself first. We all have issues and struggles to overcome and i have overcome mine. It doesn't mean that everyone else is not number one (1), but if i am okay, then everyone around me will be too. it's okay to be number one (1). What is your number?

So there goes week 18.

Be kind to yourself and to others and spend some time being number 1.

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