Saturday 14 February 2015

V day.

here's a quick post about my looks yesterday, today and tomorrow and of course, valentines day.

I know that valentines is such a big deal to so many people and i agree, it's nice to feel loved, to feel like someone is showing you how much they care - but it shouldn't be restricted to this day.  it should be an everyday thing.  Old me used to feel so sad each time it rolled around, cause i didn't feel loved.

this is my first valentines day in 10 years where i haven't been in a couples arrangement.  it's still weird, but new me is okay with this day being about me and loving myself.

so ladies, and blokes, don't feel sad that today no one may have sent you flowers, or chocolates or a giant teddy bear, because the spirit of love should be unconditional.  And maybe this day is a great opportunity to show yourself how important and awesome you are.  I can feel people cringing, but it's okay to LOVE THY SELF!

In prep for my valentines day weekend, i set off to work yesterday in jeans and a love heart T.  I love this T and so did everyone else.  It is just a feel happy top.  Some people more than others, probably love a big set of boobs coming towards them with a giant love heart, and so be it, i felt great and that's all that mattered.

I did make this T last year.  seriously, a t-shirt, some textas and a piece of cardboard so the ink didn't run through was all that was needed.  I did give it a touch up yesterday and off it went.
i took a quick selfie before i headed off to work, stopped at my coffee shop and decided to pay for an extra coffee for myself for later in the day.   What a great thing to do - walk into the coffee shop and say hi, Jan bought me a coffee for this arvy - she is awesome.
After what was a totally 'thank god it's over' kind of day, i headed home.  There is still a few dark clouds overhead - the dispute with the insurers over the roof and the water that leaks in the kitchen every time it rains, the sad process yesterday of separating our finances and the as to be expected grieving over a relationship change.  These and other things flowed in and out of my thoughts yesterday and did at times, bring me to tears.

Trying not to be too weighed down by things, i decided on my way home, that i would do a little valentines day blog and took a side trip to take some more/better photos of my outfit.  There's definitely more photos, but can't say they are better but hopefully with my new sturdier tripod, things will be a little more stable. i have ran to save my falling tripod too many times, and just can't take any more chances with it. Imagine that set of photos.  I found a little spot down by the river and set about clicking.
hello saturday and it's love hearts once again for the trip to the markets where i embraced the vegan dagwood dog, with extra sauce.
Valentine's day isn't over yet, so am heading out to west end again for an exhibition opening and in celebrating my weekend of love, i need to decide what to wear - heart's of course.
I might go for the dress and keep the kaftan for tomorrow.

If you are feeling lonely or sad today, remember that feeling loved is about what's in your heart and being able to let the love for yourself shine from within. It's a big step, but once you take that leap, it feels so good.   Happy Valentines to you.

What i wore:
jeans from target, t-shirt from big W, shoes from whittner
shorts and top made by me. havaianas
heart dress made by me
kaftan by huudaverti

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