Tuesday 24 February 2015

dinner for one

well tonight is my second night of being home alone.  it's strange, cause many things that had become my married routines are no longer there and it feels very odd, so i decided tonight that rather then spend my time here, i would go out for dinner - for one!

i decided to head off to the loving hut in mt gravatt, cause not only do they do great food but the majority of it is vegan.  i was ready to chuck on a pair of jeans and my thongs and head out the door and i stopped and went...no jan-maree, you can do better than that, get your razzle dazzle on.

i opened my wardrobe and as if by an unconscious choice, i put my hand on this cute kaftan that i got in sri lanka many years ago.  it was the outfit for dinner for one.  the detail on this is just beautiful and timeless.  i did put my havaianas on, looked in the mirror and went...no jan-maree, you can do better than that.  so i strapped on my silver sandals and headed out the door.
the loving hut is a funny place - it attracts all types and they all come for the great food - it's alcohol free and no byo.  (how does that work, cause i guess no byo means booze, not cakes).  the guy with the bald head, long plait and his head, face and body covered in tattoos was there, the three girls who rode in on their motorbikes were there, the couples, the families and the dinner for ones.  i ordered, sat down, relaxed and started reading my book that my son gave me.  i am only a few chapters in, but where i am up to talks about being in the now, and what we now call mindfullness or self-awareness, which really ties into my blogging about not sweating the small stuff.
dinner arrived and it was the naughty/healthy.  first up was deep fried nuggets with tomato sauce (i love tomato sauce) and then raw zucchini pasta.  the amount of zucchini pasta was over the top.  it was too much to eat, but i did my best.
following tea, i figured that i might as well get out my selfie stick/tripod and take some snaps.  i took my top off and posed away, then i decided to get in on the pics (wasn't that just like a carry on film). 

i have a pretty hot looking car, even if it's not the original volvo.  i still love getting behind the wheel and taking it for a spin and having the freedom of a convertible is so much fun.

after all that fun, i dropped in to see my son (who is sick) and his girlfriend.  i had a quick hello took a cute picture of one of their birds
then cruised home....with my top off of course.  dinner for one was a great success, and not as scary as i thought.

what i wore:
kaftan from sri lanka
shoes from jo mercer
and the car was a volvo 

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