Friday 2 January 2015

aussie curves challenge - airport

airport means one thing - you are probably going somewhere and then you are probably coming back - in which case it only seems fitting to share two outfits.

i have done my fair share of travel round the globe and it's usually jeans and flats to provide the comfort i like for travel.

on my most recent trip to fiji, where i went to visit my sister (how lucky is she to live in such a tropical location), i opted for a resort wear look that i made myself.

the trip was following what was a rather heinous couple of months resulting in major damage from the brisbane storm, so i decided to take a few days off work and head to the tropics.

just getting away on this trip was met with its challenges - passport out of date by one day, being held up in customs and then having my named called over the PA as the flight was about to leave.  topped with having to take off my shoes and run to the other end of the terminal and bursting into tears on arrival at the plane. i have elected to probably NEVER wear a pair of heels to the airport again,   Feel free to  read my blog entry - final boarding call and enjoy all the misadventure, cause it was really one of those moments that couldn't have been scripted if i tried.

but this blog is about the airport outfit.  i elected to wear what i like to call a zoot suit - shorts and matching top.  don't know why i call it a zoot suit, but it sounds rather fun and often that is what airport travel is all about.

i made a red seersucker shorts and top set and teamed it with a little sash belt and some wedges. seersucker is a very old fashioned fabric, and one that is often not found in many fabric stores, but is a favourite for old fashioned table cloths.  given that i had no iron following the storm devastation, i felt it would work fine - go with the crushed look.

TIP: if you want a seersucker outfit, but can't find the fabric, why not upcycle a tablecloth from an oppy or somewhere else you may find one.
this was teamed with beaded earrings made for our recent collection, a black cap and of course my ever present smile.
on arrival in fiji it was hot as expected and i was glad to pose for my nephew to take photos by myself, and also with my sister, who was feeling very poorly.
it did rain the whole week, but that didn't stop me from having a great time.

for the trip home, i went for total sensible. boyfriend jeans, flamingo top and some sandals.  arranged an upgrade and cruised home in comfort with a pre-flight cocktail.  even my sister was feeling better and managed to style it up for the trip to the airport to bid me farewell.

i think the perfect outfit is whatever you feel comfortable in, whether you are flying, waiting for someone to arrive, or depart, or just like hanging around airports.

red seersucker shorts and top - made by me, fabric from spotlight
shoes - novo
cap - target
earrings - made by me

boyfriend jeans - target
flamingo top - made by me, fabric from spotlight
sandals - purchased in rio de janeiro


  1. Wow you are so talented to be able to sew! Great job with the zoot suit!
    You are spot on when you say the best outfit for travelling in is whatever you are comfortable in. Its so true! And makes travelling so much more fun!

  2. thanks Charlene - sewing has been in the blood forever. maybe it's something you could put on the to do list - start simple.