Thursday 19 June 2014

DSTSS - in the mood

31.  Become aware of your moods and don't allow yourself to be fooled by the low ones

Given that the title of this chapter is so long, i think i should keep this blog post short....

So i am just going to paraphrase from the book
when your in a good mood, life is great (insert chirping birds and double rainbow)
when your in a bad mood, life is shit (insert cranky pants, misery guts and world's smallest violin)

From moment to moment things happen that can affect our moods and it is really easy to start to focus on the negative aspect of this.

Yep, i'll admit it, i had a period in my life, where everything seemed like it was just all downhill and once you are on that slippery slope, it's as though even the most beautiful sunset is out to ruin your day.
Note to self: Yep our mood can change for the worse, and yep it can suck, but regardless, a sunset will always be beautiful, no matter what mood you are in - so gain some perspective.  Even if the mood is low, the same things we love in our life are still there - especially our loved ones, who are often the first victims of our short lived misery.

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