Monday 5 May 2014

DSTSS - age is no barrier

27.  Imagine the people in your life as tiny infants and as 100 year old adults

Today when i got home, i went for a run on my treadmill to firstly work off the big fat chocolate eclair i scoffed down today and also the piece of chocolate pie that i couldn't turn down (i don't want to offend someone who has spent their hard earned time making something delicious) and also while running, i contemplated this chapter of the book.   I am not a natural runner, but it was just nice to not have to concentrate too hard on ANYTHING and to just look out the window and look at the bigger picture.

My simple thoughts were rudely interrupted when I accidentally pulled the emergency stop magnet and came to a screaming screeching halt. With my dignity intact and no visible injuries, i proceeded to run again and ponder this chapter.

I think for some people we reach that moment in life where we hear the bell ring, the aha moment, the what the fuck am i doing moment - the shit...i have just hit the emergency stop magnet and perhaps at that moment, we can begin to make change. The bell could be about our health, our job, how we treat people, our life in general.  But what does it have to take for that alarm bell to go off?  Sadly, the bell often goes off after it's too late. For me there was a moment in time where i decided that i needed my life to be different.   My desire to get rid of my anxiety was the change that happened not only for me, but for those around me.

in this chapter, my guide Dick, suggests we use some kind of visualisation to help us cope with irritations. His theory is that we should think of someone who really irritates us.  I had a problem with this straight away, as i can't name one person who truly irritates me enough that i want to use this technique.  well, maybe there is one, but i will use my powers of perspective to deal with this.  He reckons we should imagine them as a tiny infant - someone who is still learning, who makes mistakes, who may not know better. then he suggests we fast forward to that person being 100 years old and see them frail, and old and perhaps wishing they had done things differently.

He then goes on to say that each of us will be 100 at some point, whether we are dead or alive.  there is a lot of living between 0 and 100. His his message is that if we can put ourself into the place where we can look at a bigger picture, then maybe we can gain perspective and compassion.  If we want to live a more peaceful and loving life, then we need to find a way to fuck of negativity (they were my words, not his).  Negativity just brings you and everyone else around you down - and once you are down, you have to work harder to get up.  For example, do you think i would be blogging about all this stuff, if i wasn't trying to find a way to retain balance in my life?  Probs not!
Note to self:  Don't leave change till it's too late. It's okay to make change right now. Treat people the way you wish to be treated - with compassion, with understanding, with love and with knowing that not everyone is out to do stuff to intentionally piss you off! Is what you are feeling irritated about really worth the energy. Don't waste a thousand dollars on a 5 cent irritation....  How's that for perspective!

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