Wednesday 30 April 2014

DSTSS - the third space

26.  Set aside quiet time, every day

I am really fortunate to work for a company that values people's well being. This week we did a toolbox talk on skin cancers and previously we have done awareness on breast cancer, road safety and even safety in our own home, we have flu vaccinations, give nic the flick and countless other initiatives cause the company i work for cares. It wants to see every one of their employees go to and from work safely and also be safe at home. Mental health is also high up there and i especially understand the impact that stress can have on our own ability to cope.

I am also really exited to work in an area of the business where we help to develop people - whether it's through leadership or something as informative as "how to survive the office christmas party" there is something for everyone.

As i write this, it's early in the evening.  when this chapter was written in the book it was about 4.30am - the quiet time - where this chap could have uninterrupted time. Fucked if i am getting up at 4.30am for quiet time, but whatever floats your boat....

Life has definitely been switched up a notch or two since i had my first journey into getting my shit together. Back in the early nineties, i didn't have a mobile phone, facebook, twitter, foxtel or even a god damn computer to help and hinder me. That was the future.  I had what i had and it was simple. When my son was gifted with a sega with a sonic the hedgehog game, we were living the dream.

holy crap, i was living in the olden days....i suppose it was last century.

This book came way before all that futuristic stuff, and it seems that this chapter was eventually going to be something that we should all try to take advantage of - Quiet Time - or call it work life balance if you like. The time when we can juggle all the demands we have and still have a life. He suggests that perhaps on our way home from work we stop for a short while and just take a few moments  Do nothing - maybe read a book, look at a nice view, with the aim of stepping out of the time that was, into the time that will be.

In my working world, we talk about the third space.  The space where we transition from one task to another, from the moments during our work world to the moment we arrive at our home world and in those transition moments leave behind any baggage that could affect the next interaction we have.  It's a time to let go of what was and to prepare for what will be.  

I know i have talked about being able to let stuff go and this is a really good way that we can begin to do this.  I am certainly not out to promote this book, but when we just keep on piling more and more on, how do we get the opportunity to live the best life possible if all we are doing is just going and going without any thought to what's happening to us and the people around us.

I think even sonic the hedgehog was geared towards the third space.  That little fella had to get through a level (day) and get rings (complete tasks) all in a preset time (9 - 5) and often having to deal with Dr Robotnik (various threats that cause havoc in our day).  And when you are in control of Sonic, there are those brief moments, when he can choose his time to perform the next task.  Looking at him sitting there in quiet time before he rushes off to his next adventure.
For each of my working day's (when i can) i like to take some quiet time - it's not the traditional  third space. It's not really transition time, but it's an opportunity each day to just do something that i don't have to think about and it's for me, it's's a walk down the road, and a short time where i can just sit and be. I like it!
Note to self:  we deserve this time - our time - be it ever so brief.  Try and find the third space and own it cause in this crazy world, it might start to make the difference that we need to keep on going.  If we are just carrying stuff from past moments through to the next, then it's likely that it will not only affect your day, but also affect the people you love.

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