Thursday 3 April 2014

DSTSS - i've got the write

20.  Once a week, write a heartfelt letter

Really, i have to write a heartfelt letter, and write one each week.....

So this is the next part of my journey towards not sweating the small stuff.  ironically, I am actually sweating about this, as it's not a very natural thing to do - well for me anyway.  Along with this, there are some other pearler's in the book that i have to get my head around.  But i shall get to them, and i shall share it all.

According to my mate Dick - the author of the book, writing heartfelt letters have helped to change many lives and assisted people to be more peaceful and loving.  This was never one of the things i had to do years ago when getting my life in order.  Back then people were encouraged to write a list of all the bad things that happened or a list of all the people that were causing them grief and bury it in the garden under a partially clouded full moon, while being caressed by the smoke of burning sage and having to wait up till one minute to midnight to perform this meaningful task.

This exercise is a bit of a foreign concept and one that i am expected to feel strange about - at first - but it's expected to give me time to think about the people i am grateful to have in my life and gear my thinking towards the bigger picture of gratitude.  On receipt of one of my heartfelt letters, the chosen person, may then also start to feel gratitude for this small unexpected offering and it may bring joy to their day and set the cosmic windmill of peace, love, gratitude and happiness turning, even if there isn't a cosmic wind to start it spinning.
I went and picked up some nice paper (cause i am very committed to making change through the offerings of this book) but i can't show you the paper, because then you will know that if a heartfelt letter arrives on a piece of paper that looked like it could have been in my picture, then it was probably from me.

So without further adieu, i shall begin to begin, after maybe having a glass of wine and thinking about where to begin. Given that I have a rather small circle of people to write to, everyone can probably expect at least 3 letters before I get to chapter 100.  But who knows, maybe after I get to the chapter about talking to strangers, there may be some other people who come into my life that i want to connect with.

If the New Kids on the Block and can have the right stuff, then surely, i can have the write stuff too.
Note to self.  For once a week, till you reach the end of this book - write a letter.  It doesn't have to be long, but it has to come from the heart.  There are lots of things that i am grateful for in my life and lots of people who deserve to know how grateful i am for having them in my life.

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