Saturday 1 March 2014

DSTSS - just do it

8.  Do something nice for someone else - and don't tell anyone about it

I am pretty sure i am classed as a giver and to be honest i get embarrassed if people try to do things in return - cause i like to give, whether it be food that i have made an abundance of or even an outfit that i have made and someone has truly loved.  I will give it freely and not ask anything in return because it's amazing how giving something unexpected makes a difference to both you and the other person.

I remember when i was living in West End in the late 90's there was a girl i knew called Cristabel.  I don't know what happened to her, but she was such a spirited person that when she had decided to move on, she gave me some jewellery. She was not able to take everything she had with her on her adventure and what she gave me, i still wear and love.  She never asked for anything in return and i remember that moment to this day.  It was in boundary street west end, outside what was the original espressohead...
In this chapter, we are encouraged to do something nice for other people and don't tell anyone about it - EVER. That sounds tough, because so often we are needing to get something in return for what we give or do and to have someone know that we have done something nice, so that we feel better.  It kind of defeats the purpose.

How sad, that we can't even go to a parking meter that is about to run out and put some coins in it so someone doesn't get a ticket.  That was a nice thing to do when we were allowed.

Note to self: Give for the sake of giving - not for the sake of getting something in return.  Don't keep a tally of all the nice things you do for others. Just give them freely and enjoy the feeling you get from it.

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