Thursday 13 February 2014

DSTSS - number 1 of 100

Finding peace and harmony in your life should be easy hey - but for some it isn't.

I spent a fair bit of time making conscious decisions about the type of life i wanted to live and that required me to make some changes to my thinking. Once i decided i didn't want to be a person who got irritated at everything and everyone i was able consciously start laying the paving for this to happen. Peace, harmony and happiness was the road for me and in order for this to happen, i needed to remind myself about the choices i made - with words and actions. This becomes habit after a while, but you need to make the choice.

So in case anyone is wondering, I am okay.  I am not losing my mind, not depressed, not having panic attacks and i definitely haven't stopped eating.  This cute cake was for my friend Emalyn's birthday and we managed to devour all of it, apart from the face, cause that kind of weirded us out.  So trust, me, i am all good.
I am however, just checking in on myself and reminding myself of the importance of not sweating the small stuff, cause that peace, harmony and happiness has to be restored.

Chapter 1 in this book (and I suppose i should reference it - it's by Richard Carlson - and google can probably tell you more) is about not sweating the small stuff.  I know this is one book of thousands out there that would be classed as self help.  I referred to this one, as so many things i have practiced seem to be covered off in it.

So - what is the small stuff???? it's pretty much anything, but it's different for most people  It takes a long time for me to get angry - about anything, what is the point!  What does it prove?  I personally don't think it proves anything, apart from not being at peace..  I don't yell, i don't like to argue, i like to find peaceful resolutions and for me that seems a more calm way to deal with any problem - big or small.

In chapter 1, he talks about something as irritating as driving.  Sure there are idiots on the road - i have been one of them (more than once) but for someone whose predominent place of panic and anxiety is while driving, it's really important for me to keep calm. This is a biggie for me, as even now, if i am out driving in heavy traffic alone, i seem to always have a passenger - mr anxiety - he sits in the passenger seat looking at me with his invisible grin waiting to POUNCE.  Well fuck you mr anxiety.

I know it can be hard, cause really all those people doing stupid stuff - like wanting to get in the lane ahead of me, or not using their blinkers when you think they are going straight ahead and then suddenly turn - HOW DARE THEY or barging in on the roundabout, or driving too slow, or too fast, or a million other reasons why they would want to be out to ruin MY day, I can't let this bother me, in fact if i do feel a little irritated while driving, i remind myself, that if i was to react, then i am probably just as bad as them, as i am losing my concentration and maybe putting myself and others at risk.  I also like to think about the other person's story - has something happened to them, to cause them to be doing all this annoying stuff? has a true emergency happened and they are genuinely in a hurry or are they just stupid? either way, let them go on their way - It's so much nicer to get at your destination feeling calm.

Note to self - don't waste your energy on the small stuff - save your energy for all the good stuff - no brainer really.

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