Sunday 14 July 2013

fun fun fun

I can't even begin remember some of the stuff that happened in NYC, as I was so darn tired.  There was so much to do before the show, that we were lucky to get to bed before 3am some nights.  2am, was classed as an early night can you believe that.

But today, i am going to remind myself and just gonna focus on the fun stuff.
getting together to take an all important snap to update our facebook, now that we were in the same city.
 it would have been fun to go shopping in fulton mall, but there wasn't time.
 skateboarding was fun for the nephews
 these coffee's made everything better, as we hadn't had a caffeine hit for about 3 days
 some serious sisterly fun
this pizza was THE BEST i have ever had, even when we had it a few day's later it was still THE BEST i have ever had (not the same pizza of course)
this leopard print dress with matching leopard print bag and hot pink eyes, lips and shoes was the funnest outfit i wore.  i can't understand why in a a city like NYC, people were staring at me....

how fun are our huudaverti necklaces
seeing the empire state building as i came out of the subway was pretty cool
now, on fashion avenue, surely there would be fun to be had, but no, work work work was the order of the day
a quick trip to mood could have been fun, but they didn't have what we wanted, so we turned around as soon as we got in there.
the boys were having fun putting little pom poms onto our coat hangers
this needs no explanation, cause this is fun with a capital F
a quick snap before we hit the runway.  this bit was fun, but having 6 of our 12 models walking in the group before ours, was not fun.  Do you know how much effort it takes to get 6 girls ready to walk in a matter of moments?
the sulu bro in laws were looking mighty fine at the show
post show was fun, cause we went and had a slap up meal with champers and wine at basta pasta
everything to do with FFFweek was fun
including meeting the very tall and very gorgeous Australian Robyn Lawley, who was not wearing heels and who made me feel very short
karaoke was heaps of fun
discovering that a prezel goes really well with mustard was fun for my tastebuds
now, this was fun.  show was over, it was a day off and we enjoyed it at pure food and wine for raw vegan pleasure
which included this
going for a spot of inspiration while we talked about our next collection was fun, but sharing one gelato between 3, is not so fun

at my sister's house, the tortoise made an appearance, much to the delight of the dog.  believe it or not, that tortoise was eyeing me up, and i swear to god, it was chasing me
best fun of all - the super duper takeaway margherita
being a part of a photo shoot was also fun
and of course more skateboarding
and when you wear your long socks, you have to have fun
this wasn't fun to start with, i had to model our kaftans and guess what - THESE BEAUTIFUL PIECES ARE FOR SALE
working that kaftan
doing a booty tooch
realising that my shoes do in fact go with every kaftan
see, they really do
more posing
and even more posing
yep, those shoes still go with every kaftan
and on my last day - between packing, schlepping, moving, and getting ready to go home, we did make a  quick trip to a cake shop, but i did refrain from getting one of these.  can you imagine what that much sugar would do to me? Now that would have been fun!
next stop fiji

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