Tuesday 19 February 2013

the musette

it's really inspiring to hear stories of people who live their dream.  i don't think many of us have the opportunity to do that and i'm the first to admit that my life has been filled with some great adventures, but i haven't yet done the one thing that has truly satisfied and drawn on my talents in a full time kind of way, but in saying that, who knows what's around my next corner and even now my sisters and i are putting our plan into place to follow our fashion passion.

a couple of years ago we met a guy at our local coffee shop - ugees - in west end.  dave and i had seen him come to the coffee shop for ages and we knew he was friends with mutual friends.  and then one day, all that changed.

we walked into the coffee shop and saw a photographic exhibition and was instantly drawn in. i enquired about the photographer and it was the guy that we had seen, but never spoken to and he was doing a silent auction of his work.

i asked dave which piece he loved and he loved this piece and we agreed, it was amazing, but it was so big and of course that means people would probably be bidding a lot and we didn't have a lot, but what i had was a great idea. 

what if we offer this guy an opportunity to come over for dinner with some of our other friends in exchange for the photo.  everyone wins - he gets a great meal, gets to meet some new people and we get this great piece of art and guess what, he got a great meal, got to meet some new people and we got a great piece of art. 

for me, money isn't a motivator and obviously for ian, that wasn't the motivator either and for the next  year or so, ian was in our world and we loved his company.  ian's generosity was again on show when he donated some of his photos, in the same coffee shop, to help raise money for one of our friends.  he does it in the spirit of giving.

and then, ian left us and what he is doing is summed up in this interview with velovoices which is a cycling blog and which he has kindly shared. From this it appears that he is truly following his dream.  for me it's inspiring to know this guy.

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