Thursday 20 December 2012

it's good luck....apparently

today as i was heading off to work, i decided to put the roof down on the car.  one of the joys of having a convertible is that you have a kind of freedom which is pretty nice when you look up and get the full view of whatever is above.

as i was backing down the driveway a bird flew over the top of me and phew, lucky i thought, glad he didn't need to let something out of his undercarriage.

we've had the car about 6 years and it's had it's fair share of mishaps - the odd coffee spill, driven into a few sudden downpours, let's not forget the big melbourne cup day chuck, both inside and out, but never the bird poop.

as i arrive at my parking destination, i am doing a little reverse in and as i turn around - OH SHIT, that Freaken bird decided that it wasn't going to miss an opportunity to bomb the inside of my car.
it's all cleaned off now, but thank god that bird chose to plop where it did, and not on me.
apparently, it's good luck to be shat on by a bird, so i guess it was the volvo's lucky day.

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