Thursday 4 October 2012

getting our model on

saturday was the first of our model rehearsals at the fiji museum. after a morning of overseeing the organised chaos that is our collection we headed off.
i was so lucky to be introduced to the best cup of tea ever, by my nephews.
a freshly picked and washed lemon leaf, steeped in hot water then a touch of sugar to make it yummo.
i needed a quick band aid change before i left and dr carlo (6) kindly obliged. unfortunately, the sore part of the toe isn't where the padding is, but i just love that he cared enough to put the new band aid on for me.
5 days in and the toe is still a little tender.

at rehearsals i got to see some of our models first hand and holey moley some of them are tall.  according to my sister, the others are even taller and they insist on wearing sky high shoes, so i feel like a total short stuff compared them.

some people even tried to pretend that they weren't checking out all the pretty ladies
the designers even took a moment to pose for selfies before heading home and practising what we had learnt through the day.
rules for being a model
no smiling
smile with your eyes
no swinging your arms around
practise walking with a book on your head or a pencil under your chin - chin, who has only one chin....
i think i will just stick to what i know best, unpicking!

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